Talks from Psalms can be accessed by choosing one of the lessons listed below. Within each lesson you will be able to listen to the 15 minute talk and follow along with the provided study guide. You will also find the audio file, and a transcript of the talk available for download. These files are free to use and duplicate (without addition or deletion).

Passage Title
Psalms 1-2 Contrasting the Godly and Wicked;  The Kingdom of our Lord on this Earth
Psalms 3-4 David Calls on God for Help
Psalms 5-6 God's Righteousness, Protection, and Discipline
Psalm 7 David Desires God’s Righteousness Over All
Psalm 8 A Hymn of Praise to God
Psalms 9-10 The Establishment of the Lord’s Righteous Throne Forever
Psalms 11-12 The Lord is a Refuge;  The Pure Words of the Lord
Psalms 13-14 The Lord Answers Questions;  The Fool says “There is No God!”
Psalm 15 Moral Qualities that Should Characterize Guests of God
Psalm 16 A Prediction of the Resurrection of Christ
Psalm 17 Protection for This Life, and Prospect for the Life to Come
Psalm 18 The Greatness of God is Emphasized
Psalm 19 Two Ways God Has Revealed Himself
Psalms 20-21 Battle Songs
Psalm 22 An Amazing Messianic Psalm
Psalm 23 The Wonderful Relationship Between God and His People
Psalm 24 The Return of the Lord to Earth in Victory
Psalm 25 David Looks to the Lord for his Needs
Psalms 26-27 David's Integrity in Life, and His Confidence in the Lord
Psalms 28-29 Separated from the Wicked, and Praising the Lord for His Power
Psalm 30 David Rejoices in His Healing
Psalm 31 David Calls on the Lord, and Thanks Him for Answering His Prayers
Psalm 32 A Psalm of Confession and Forgiveness
Psalm 33 Praise for the Lord's Dependable Care and Control
Psalm 34 A Song of the Saved
Psalm 35 David Prays for Deliverance and Personal Vindication
Psalm 36 Principles of the Ungodly Contrasted with the Godly
Psalm 37 Trust in the Sovereignty of God when the Wicked Prosper
Psalms 38-39 The Consequences of Sin;  The Shortness of Life
Psalms 40-41 Two Typical-Messianic Psalms
Psalms 42-43 Longing to Freely Worship the Lord
Psalm 44 The Lord is Praised for Past Victories and Petitioned for Deliverance
Psalm 45 A Royal Wedding Song
Psalms 46-47 The Lord is the Refuge, Strength, and Ruler of His People
Psalm 48 Jerusalem is God's Special, Chosen City
Psalm 49 Worldly Riches are Temporary, But the Hope of the Righteous is Eternal
Psalm 50 God Indicts His People for their Hypocrisy
Psalm 51 David Confesses His Sins and Pleads for Mercy, Cleansing, and Restoration
Psalm 52 The Character and Destiny of the Wicked Contrasted with the Righteous
Psalms 53-54 Longing for the Establishment of God’s Kingdom and Elimination of Persecutors
Psalm 55 David’s Close Friend Betrays Him
Psalm 56 God is David's Security  and Remembers his Sorrows
Psalms 57-58 God's Protection for Believers
Psalm 59 David Under Siege in His own House
Psalm 60 Trusting the Lord when Facing Setbacks
Psalms 61-62 Security for the Believer in the Lord
Psalms 63-64 The Believer’s Thirst for God;  God’s Vindication for the Believer
Psalm 65 A Harvest Song
Psalms 66-67 Israel Exhorts all Nations to bring Praise to the Lord
Psalm 68 Celebrating Israel’s Travels;  The Lord’s Ascension and Second Coming
Psalm 69 David’s Persecution, Prayer, and Praise are Prophetic
Psalms 70-71 An Urgent Prayer of David;  The Lord will Help Believers in Old Age
Psalm 72 Solomon Prays the Lord will Bless His Kingdom
Psalm 73 Why God allows the Wicked to Prosper
Psalm 74 An Enemy Ruins the Sanctuary and Defeats the Nation
Psalms 75-76 The Judgment of God
Psalm 77 Asaph Calls on the Lord and Receives Comfort
Psalm 78 A Review of the Early History of Israel
Psalm 79 Asaph Laments the Destruction of Jerusalem
Psalms 80-81 The Keys to the Restoration of Israel and Guaranteed Blessing
Psalms 82-83 The Responsibility of Judges;  God will Judge Nations that Oppose Israel
Psalms 84-85 A Yearning to be Near to the Lord in Restored Fellowship
Psalm 86 A Great Model Prayer of David
Psalms 87-88 Praise about the Glories of Israel;  The Saddest Psalm
Psalm 89 The Davidic Covenant is Affirmed
Psalm 90 Moses Teaches us How We Should Consider Life
Psalm 91 The Committed Believer is Safe and Secure in God's Protection
Psalms 92-93 Praise the Lord's Judgement and Blessings;  An Enthronement Psalm
Psalm 94 God Answers Why the Wicked Seem to Prosper
Psalms 95-96 Calls to Worship the Lord
Psalms 97-98 Call to the Earth to Rejoice and Praise
Psalms 99-100 Call to Worship the Lord
Psalms 101-102 Ethical Standards;  The Sufferings and Glories of the Messiah
Psalm 103 God's Great and Wonderful Character
Psalm 104 Praise for the Lord’s Creation and Dominion Over It
Psalm 105 A Psalm of the Abrahamic Covenant
Psalm 106 A Confession of Israel for Her Sins against the Lord
Psalm 107 Praise to the Lord for His Mighty Deliverance
Psalms 108-109 Praise for His Faithfulness, Petition for Deliverance, and an Imprecatory Psalm
Psalm 110 The Coming Messiah seen as a King, Priest, and Warrior
Psalm 111-112 Praise the Lord's Excellencies;   Blessings for Those who Fear Him
Psalms 113-114 A Transcendent and Immanent God, Who Dwells With His People
Psalms 115-116 Contrasting Lifeless Idols and our Lord;   Love and Worship of our God
Psalms 117-118 The Shortest Psalm, and a Messianic Psalm
Psalm 119:1-40 The Longest Psalm, an Alphabetic Acrostic
Psalm 119-:41-80 The Magnificent Alphabetic Psalm, Continued
Psalm 119:81-128 An Alphabetic Acrostic Psalm, continued
Psalm 119:129-176 The Final Verses of this Alphabetic Acrostic Psalm
Psalms 120-121 Promises of Protection for the Believer
Psalms 122-123 The Position of Jerusalem;  Confidence in the Lord’s Grace and Mercy
Psalms 124-125 Israel’s Preservation and Israel’s Peace
Psalms 126-127 Restoration of Israel;  The Importance of Knowing the Lord
Psalms 128-129 Those Who Will be Blessed or Not Blessed
Psalms 130-131 Waiting in Patient Hope on the Lord
Psalms 132-134 The Conclusion of the Psalms of Ascent
Psalm 135 Praise for the Lord’s Sovereignty
Psalm 136 The Great Hallel
Psalm 137 The Song of the Exiles
Psalms 138-140 A Psalm of Thanksgiving;  A Prayer for Deliverance
Psalm 139 Four Great Attributes of God
Psalms 141-142 David Looks to the Lord for Protection and Deliverance
Psalms 143-144 David’s Last Penitential Psalm;  The Key to Success and Happiness
Psalms 145-146 Two Praise Psalms
Psalm 147 The God of Nature and The God of Israel
Psalms 148-150 Universal Acknowledgement of The Lord