Zechariah 13

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Zechariah’s Second Prophetic Burden Continues

Zechariah 13

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Lesson Number 13

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. In that day a fountain will be opened for Israel.
  2. In that day idolatry will be cut off from Israel.
  3. In that day salvation will come to one third of Israel.

Practical Application

  1. Have you been to the cleansing fountain?


  1. How many quotations from this minor prophet are in the New Testament?
  2. Zechariah predicts more about the __________ than any of the other prophets, with the exception of Isaiah.
  3. What is meant by “that day?” What does it include?
  4. What is the fountain of Zechariah 13:1?
  5. To whom is the water from the cleansing fountain available?
  6. Will idolatry return to Israel in the future?
  7. Who strikes the shepherd? See Zechariah 13:7.


  1. About forty
  2. Messiah
  3. “That day” refers to the end times after the Rapture of the Church. It includes the coming Tribulation Period as well as the Millennial Kingdom of our Lord on this earth.
  4. The fountain is the work of Christ on the cross in dying for the sins of the world.
  5. The water from that cleansing fountain is available for anyone.
  6. Yes, but finally all of this idolatry will be cut off and removed from the land.
  7. God Himself strikes the Shepherd. See Isaiah 53:4-12. Here is the heart of the gospel. See John 3:16.


  1. Refer to Zechariah 1:1. A fountain shall be opened, not created or made or come into being for sin, but opened. The fountain is already there, but in that day, it will be opened for Israel and the benefits will become available. This fountain is the work of Christ on the cross in dying for the sins of the world. That work is finished; it has been accomplished. But right now Israel is blind to this fountain. A veil lies over their heart, but in a coming day that veil will be taken away. The fountain will be opened and they will see the fountain of the pierced Messiah, the fountain that was there all the time. Question: Are you blind to this fountain, or are drinking at it?
  2. Read Zechariah 13:2, Revelation 9:20-21. Consider the idolatry of Israel that is yet to come. Remember, however, that in “that day” all of this idolatry will be cut off and removed from the land. In the meantime, how about the idolatry in your life?
  3. “Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd,’ says the Lord” Zechariah 13:7. As a result of Israel’s rejection of the Messiah, the Lord was crucified and the flock was scattered. The crucified Lord is the means by which national cleansing will be available for Israel. Have you understood John 3:16 personally?


  1. The fountain will be opened to Israel in the future, but it’s available for anyone now. This is the fountain of cleansing from sin, established at Calvary. Coming to the fountain means coming to Christ as an individual and acknowledging that you are a sinner in need of cleansing. Have you been to that fountain?

Key Verses

  • “In that day a fountain shall be opened…for sin and for uncleanness.” Zechariah 13:1
  • “Strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.” Zechariah 13:7
  • “They will call on My name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘This is My people;’ and each one will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’” Zechariah 13:9

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