Titus 2:1-5

Talks for Growing Christians

Characteristics for Godly Living to Various Age Groups

Titus 2:1-5

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Lesson Number 4

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Older Christian men who are sound in doctrine will be respected for their disciplined and unselfish lifestyle.
  2. Older Christian women who are sound in doctrine will teach by their reverent and loving lifestyle.
  3. Younger women who are sound in doctrine will witness by their pure and caring lifestyle.

Practical Application

  1. “I’m stuck at home with the kids” is not a biblical concept.


  1. Why is Titus a good book for any church to study?
  2. Which three groups are spoken to in this section?
  3. Explain the characteristics required of older Christian men: sober, reverent, temperate, and sound in patience.
  4. Which two characteristics are especially important for women?
  5. The characteristics of the younger women include showing love, being discreet, and being chaste. What do these mean?
  6. What should be the primary focus of younger women?


  1. Titus was to set in order things that were lacking in the church. These things are still important today. There must be good spiritual leadership, the teaching of sound doctrine, and the refutation of unsound doctrine.
  2. The older Christian men, the older Christian women, and the younger Christian women
  3. Sober – rational in thought, word, and action; reverent – dignified, worthy of respect; temperate – sensible and self-controlled; sound in patience – perseverant
  4. They should not be malicious gossips or slanderers.
  5. Love – tender affection; discreet – self-control; chaste – pure.
  6. Her family and home.


  1. Exhortations for young men were noticeably missing from this lesson. Yet all men will one day be older men. A young man who is not sober, reverent, and temperate in his youth, will not game these qualities instantly when he becomes old. Discuss who the character you develop early in life affects your as you age.
  2. The thought of a younger women being primarily focused on her husband and children is not a popular concept in our society today. Should we then downplay this teaching in our churches? How has the Church let society affect its teaching o the roles of men and women? Is your church different?


  1. How do you measure up?

Key Verses

  • “Speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine… that the word of God may not be blasphemed.” – Titus 2:1, 5

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