Song of Solomon 5 and 6

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The Consummation and Experiences of the Marriage

Song of Solomon 5 and 6

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Lesson Number 4

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Broken fellowship can take place in a love relationship.
  2. Restored fellowship can take place in a love relationship.

Practical Application

  1. Think positive thoughts about fellow believers!


  1. In the last verse of chapter 4, the Shulamite maiden invites Solomon to consummate the marriage, and in the first part of verse 1 of chapter 5, the marriage is consummated. What is the meaning of the words in the last part of verse 1?
  2. Identify the verses in which there evidence of a strained relationship between Solomon and his wife.
  3. When the Shulamite discovers that Solomon is gone, who does she ask to help find him? What is the message they are to communicate to Solomon if they find him?
  4. The true love relationship between Solomon and his Shulamite bride is an illustration of another love relationship. Who are the parties involved in this relationship?
  5. The experiences of the Shulamite bride in chapters 5 and 6 can be viewed or understood in two possible ways. Explain.


  1. We believe that God is speaking in the last 3 lines of verse 1, in effect putting His stamp of approval on the physical aspect of the marriage between Solomon and the Shulamite. This point was covered in the previous lesson and these words in verse 1 affirm that God approves of sex within marriage as He intended it.
  2. In verses 2 and 3 we see that when Solomon comes to be with his wife (v 2), she makes it known that she has already gone to bed (v 3), and is not ready to be disturbed. Eventually when she feels compassion toward her husband, she opens the door only to find that Solomon had gone away (v 6).
  3. Solomon’s wife begins her search for her husband, and asks the “daughters of Jerusalem” to help her. These probably were the women inhabitants of Jerusalem. Jesus used this term when He spoke to the weeping women around Him on the way to the cross. The Shulamite instructed the “daughters of Jerusalem” to tell Solomon that she loved him and missed him.
  4. The Song of Solomon is about the true love relationship between Solomon and his Shulamite bride, and this relationship illustrates the love relationship between God and His people or between Christ and His Church. It is God’s intention that all marriages should reflect this same true love relationship.
  5. We believe that the account of the experiences of the Shulamite bride in chapters 5 and 6 may have been all, or in part, a dream. On the other hand, they may have been actual life experiences. So her temporary loss of Solomon and her search for him may have been a dream or an actual experience, and the same would apply to the restoration of their relationship. In either case, the spiritual lessons for us are the same.


  1. Discuss the reality of breakdowns in marriage relationships and their causes as experienced by those in your group. Consider the importance of restoring those broken relationships and doing so quickly. Create a list of people who you would trust to be a help to you and others if and when stresses and tensions in a marriage begin to evidence themselves.


  1. Have you acknowledged the natural tendency to think negative thoughts about other believers? Have you experienced how this tendency or habit can destroy close friendships and fellowship? When negative thoughts about fellow believers enter your mind, go quickly to prayer, praying for their well-being and praying that God will purify your heart. Take seriously the exhortation of Philippians 4:8, and “meditate on these things.”

Key Verses

  • “O my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem, awesome as an army with banners. Who is she who looks forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, awesome as an army with banners? Song of Solomon 6:4, 10

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