Song of Solomon 3 and 4

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The Marriage of Solomon

Song of Solomon 3 and 4

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Lesson Number 3

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God approves of courtship and marriage as He intended it.
  2. God approves of sex within marriage as He intended it.

Practical Application

  1. Make sure your wedding is a special occasion!
  2. Compliment the physical attractiveness of your spouse!


  1. What is the primary reason that God included the Song of Solomon in Holy Scripture?
  2. Why is the Shulamite maiden searching for Solomon in verses 1-4?
  3. What is the lesson about courtship that is presented in verse 5 of chapter 3?
  4. What would be the duties or responsibilities of the valiant men mentioned in verse 7?
  5. Name the lady who is referred to in verse 11 as “his mother.”
  6. From chapter 4, verses 12 and 16, describe the change that takes place in the life of the Shulamite once she becomes Solomon’s wife.


  1. The primary reason God included this book in the Bible was to affirm His approval of love and romance within the bounds that He has established.
  2. In verses 1-4 of chapter 3, it appears that the Shulamite maiden has a bad dream about losing Solomon after she married him. She then seeks him out, finds him and takes him to her mother’s house where she will not let him go.
  3. The lesson about courtship given in verse 5, which we also saw in verse 7 of chapter 2, is that the courtship phase of a relationship should be allowed to develop slowly and naturally.
  4. The duties or responsibilities of the valiant men, or royal guard, (v 7), were not only to be part of the royal wedding and its procession, but also to provide protection as the king and his new queen returned to Jerusalem from the north country.
  5. Solomon’s mother, of course, was Bathsheba. Read the account in 2 Samuel chapters 11 and 12, particularly 12:24.
  6. In chapter 4, verse 12 describes in the poetic language of a sealed garden the virginity of the Shulamite maiden prior to her marriage to Solomon. In verse 16, it is made clear that once the marriage has taken place, “the garden” is unsealed, and the consummation of the marriage with Solomon could now take place.


  1. Discuss ways to impress upon your children the importance of maintaining pure bodies and preserving them for their eventual spouse. Discuss the actual guidelines and boundaries that you as parents can and should establish with and for your children to encourage and insure this desire and behavior. Consider the many ramifications that can come from violating God’s exhortations and commands to share physical intimacy only within the marriage relationship.


  1. Was your wedding a special occasion? Have you planned anniversaries of your marriage to be special occasions? Celebrate the blessing of your marriage on your anniversaries, using these memorable times to compliment and uplift your spouse, reinforcing how precious he or she are to you.

Key Verses

  • “Go forth, O daughters of Zion, and see King Solomon with the crown with which his mother crowned him, on the day of his wedding, the day of gladness of his heart.” Song of Solomon 3:11

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