Romans 9:6-13

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God’s Plans for Israel Are According to His Sovereign Program

Romans 9:6-13

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Lesson Number 27

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God has not gone back on His word to Israel a. because God's promises were never made to all the descendants of Abraham b. because His sovereign plans never included all the descendants of Abraham.

Practical Application

  1. Let's not misinterpret God's promises.


  1. Compare Romans 8:35-39 with Romans 9:2. Note Paul's contrasting emotions.
  2. Did God reject His people Israel?
  3. Has God broken His unconditional promises to Israel?
  4. Which of Abraham's descendants did God chose for the line of blessing and promises?
  5. What do God's elective purposes have to do with a person's moral reference in life?
  6. What does it mean, "Esau I have hated?" Does God really hate Esau?


  1. In Romans 8 Paul goes from the peak of joy to the valley of sorrow in Romans 9.
  2. No. They were a greatly privileged people, but they rejected their Messiah, cutting them off from God's means of salvation.
  3. No. God has not gone back on His word, because His promises were never made to all of the descendants of Abraham and God's sovereign plans never included all the descendants of Abraham.
  4. Isaac and Jacob.
  5. Nothing. God chooses whom He will for salvation.
  6. No. It is not personal animosity or emotional hatred. It is the contrast of the recipient and non-recipient of the covenant promises.


  1. Discuss in more detail, "God's elective purposes have nothing to do with a person's moral reference in life." What has this to do with God's choice of individuals for salvation? Does this truth deny the responsibility of man?
  2. Note the comparisons and contrasts in Romans 9:13 (Malachi 1:2-3) and John 12:25.


  1. When Paul properly interpreted the Scriptures, there was no problem concerning God's promises to Israel. How can you guard against misinterpreting the Scriptures? Refer to Philippians 4:19. Will God really supply all your needs? Or does this mean that He will supply your needs conditionally? What is the meaning of this verse in context?

Key Verses

  • "...the word of God has not failed." Romans 9:6
  • "...the purpose of God according to election stands, not of works but of Him who calls." Romans 9:11

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