Romans 16:1-16

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Paul’s Greetings to a Number of the Christians at Rome

Romans 16:1-16

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Lesson Number 48

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Committed Christian women can be greatly used by God.
  2. Committed Christian couples can be greatly used by God.

Practical Application

  1. Don't forget to commend faithful believers.
  2. Would you make it on Paul's greeting list?


  1. How was it that Paul, having never been to Rome, knew so many Christians there?
  2. Where did churches meet in the early days of Christianity?
  3. Name two committed Christian women of the Bible.
  4. Name two committed Christian women you know.
  5. Name a committed Christian couple of the Bible.
  6. Name a committed Christian couple you know.


  1. He knew many by name because he had been told about them and he had crossed paths with some of them elsewhere.
  2. In homes of believers and even in catacombs.
  3. Phoebe (Romans 16:1-2) and Mary (Romans 16:6), and there are many others that could be named.
  4. Personal answer
  5. Priscilla and Aquila, and there are others.
  6. Personal answer


  1. Paul knew the Roman Christians by name, he knew about them, and he knew what they were doing to serve the Lord. Do you have such a pastor's heart?
  2. Paul commended faithful believers and thus encouraged them. Do you habitually do this?


  1. Would you make it on Paul's greeting list? There are church attendees and those involved in the church. How faithful and how involved are you in the work of the Lord?

Key Verses

  • "I commend to you Phoebe, our sister, who is a servant of the church...that you may receive her in the Lord in a manner worthy of the saints, and assist her in whatever business she has need of you, for indeed she has been a helper of many and of myself also." Romans 16:1-2
  • "Greet brothers and sisters by name, remembering their service unto the Lord." Romans 16:2-16

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