Romans 11:11-24

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The Nation of Israel Will Return to the Lord in the Future

Romans 11:11-24

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Lesson Number 33

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Israel's rejection has resulted in great blessing to the world.
  2. Israel's restoration will result in great blessing to the world.

Practical Application

  1. Let's preach both the goodness and the severity of God.


  1. Why has the nation of Israel been temporarily set aside?
  2. What will happen when the nation of Israel turns back to the Lord?
  3. Can the promises made to the Jewish people be spiritualized to the church?
  4. Who and what is the church?
  5. How has Israel's rejection of their Messiah resulted in blessing to the world?
  6. How will Israel's restoration result in great blessing to the world?
  7. Why should both the goodness and the severity of God be preached?


  1. Because of their unbelief
  2. At that time, all the promises made to Israel in the Old Testament will be fulfilled literally.
  3. No. The church is the church, and Israel is Israel. The church is not spiritual Israel.
  4. The church is comprised of believers, at this time primarily Gentile. It is the body of Christ and is being formed as the bride of Christ.
  5. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, Israel's Messiah, has gone out to the Gentiles all over the world, and salvation has come to the Gentiles. See Romans 11:11.
  6. hen Israel is restored they will be a light to the Gentiles. Refer to Romans 11:15.
  7. When the goodness of God is preached, many will listen, but when the severity of God is preached as well, it may result in fewer, but genuine believers.


  1. Review Paul's two metaphors to show that Israel's restoration is consistent with God's character and His way of dealing with mankind. Refer to Romans 11:16-24, 1) the first fruit and the lump, and 2) the root and the branches.
  2. Consider the time when Israel will become a light to the world.


  1. Are you preaching Christ? Are you preaching both the goodness and severity of God?

Key Verses

  • "...consider the goodness and severity of God." Romans 11:22

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