Psalm 94

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God Answers Why the Wicked Seem to Prosper

Psalm 94

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Lesson Number 69

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God knows all about the wicked, even though it may not appear that way.
  2. God will judge all the wicked, even though it may not appear that way.

Practical Application

  1. Remember, we've got the big guns!


  1. What age-old question does the psalmist address in Psalm 94?
  2. List some of the evil deeds of the wicked from verses 5-7.
  3. What is a theodicy?
  4. Explain the two steps and conclusion for any causal argument.
  5. How does Romans 12:19 relate to verses 20-23?


  1. He wonders how long the Lord will allow the wicked to exult in their pride and continue in their wicked works and arrogant words. In other words, why does a good and loving God allow ungodly people to prosper and get away with their wrong doing?
  2. -They persecute the Lord's people - verse 5 -They get away with the murder of helpless individuals - verse 6 -They think that God does not see nor care - verse 7
  3. A theodicy is a vindication of God and divine justice in the face of the existence of evil. That is, it gives answers as to why a good, loving, and all-powerful God allows suffering and evil to exist.
  4. Step #1: For every effect there must be a cause Step #2: No effect can be greater than its cause Conclusion: The cause of any effect must be qualitatively or quantitatively equal or greater than the effect
  5. Both of these passages assure us the Lord will take vengeance on the wicked on behalf of His people. Sometimes we see it in this lifetime, but we can be sure that the wicked will ultimately be destroyed by the Lord in the final judgments.


  1. Discuss how Psalm 94:9-11 follow the structure of a classic causal argument. What is the conclusion about God's knowledge of the wicked?
  2. Sometimes God does not judge the wicked immediately because we come to know His comforting presence and sustaining grace more when wickedness surrounds us, than if all was at peace. Read Psalm 94:16-19. Can you give an example of this from your own life?


  1. The causal argument is a powerful argument for the God of the Bible being the Supreme Being, the first cause. Don't shrink back in defending your faith - we have the big guns!

Key Verses

  • "LORD, how long will the wicked, how long will the wicked triumph?" Psalm 94:3
  • "But the LORD has been my defense, and my God the rock of my refuge." Psalm 94:22

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