Psalm 37

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Trust in the Sovereignty of God when the Wicked Prosper

Psalm 37

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Lesson Number 28

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Believers should not fret about the success of the wicked.
  2. Believers should not lose faith because of the success of the wicked.

Practical Application

  1. Psalm 37:4 is not a blank check for all believers!


  1. What type of psalm is Psalm 37?
  2. What age-old question was raised in Psalm 36?
  3. How is Psalm 37 a natural follow-up to this question?
  4. Why shouldn’t we be envious of the prosperity of wrongdoers?
  5. When will the righteous receive the inheritance of the land (verse 29)?
  6. What is the key for stability in this life (verses 30-31)?


  1. It is an acrostic, based on the Hebrew alphabet.
  2. Why do the wicked seem to prosper more than the righteous?
  3. Here the believer is exhorted not to fret about the prosperity of the wicked. Just continue to trust the Lord and rest in His sovereign ways.
  4. Because their prosperity is only temporary.
  5. In the future earthly kingdom of our Lord, and in the New Heavens and New Earth for eternity
  6. To know and speak the Word of God


  1. In what way have you see the wicked prosper in this life? Read through Psalm 37 and discuss why this should not cause you anxiety.
  2. David testifies in verses 25-26 that he has never seen the righteous go begging. Even though they may not be as prosperous as the wicked, they always have enough so that they can even give to others. How have you seen this to be true in your life?


  1. When you delight yourself in the Lord, your desires become more in line with the Lord’s desires. Understand this when you read Psalm 37:4!

Key Verses

  • "Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity." Psalm 37:1
  • "Delight yourself also in the LORD and He shall give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4
  • "Wait on the LORD, and keep His way, and He shall exalt you to inherit the land." Psalm 37:34

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