Psalms 13-14

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The Lord Answers Questions; The Fool says "There is No God!"

Psalm 13-14

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Lesson Number 8

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. “How long, O Lord?” is a biblical prayer.
  2. People are not basically good.

Practical Application

  1. Get rid of your doubts by counting your blessings.
  2. Do you yearn for righteousness or riches?


  1. What prompted David to ask the Lord “How long?”
  2. What was David’s attitude when he asked the Lord “How long?”
  3. How did David get rid of his doubts in Psalm 13?
  4. What is a fool in Scripture?
  5. What New Testament passage quotes Psalm 14?
  6. When will David’s desire be realized (Psalm 13:7)?


  1. David wrote this psalm when he was facing a prolonged period of oppression and discouragement, probably during his long wilderness sojourn to escape the pursuit and anger of King Saul.
  2. He was not demanding an answer from God with a rebellious heart. Rather, he was concerned that he wouldn’t hear from God before he died, and that his unrighteous adversaries would be boasting that they had won, which would not bring glory to God.
  3. By counting his blessings
  4. A fool is a person who is morally insensitive and lives like there is no God.
  5. Romans 3:10-12 is a quotation from Psalm 14:1-3.
  6. David’s desire for righteousness will be realized when the Lord returns and establishes His righteous kingdom here on this earth. The restored Israel will be returned to the land and the Lord will reign with righteousness.


  1. Have you ever wanted to ask the Lord “How long?” Discuss how you can ask this question with a right or wrong attitude.
  2. How would you respond to the claim that people are basically good? Refer to Psalm 14:1-3 and Romans 3:10-12.


  1. Start counting your blessings! Think of the worst situation from which God has preserved and protected you. Do you ever thank the Lord for saving you from what could have been?

Key Verses

  • "How long, O LORD? Will You forget me forever? How long will You hide Your face from me?" Psalms 13:1
  • "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.'" Psalms 14:1

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