Proverbs 10:15-32

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Riches of Righteousness

Proverbs 10:15-32

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Lesson Number 13

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The Proverbs are wise advice for everyday living.

Practical Application

  1. Don’t let smoke get in your eyes!


  1. Hebrew poetry is characterized by a feature known as parallelism. That is, one line of verse is followed by a second line of verse which is parallel to it. If the second line of verse is similar to the first line, it is called synonymous parallelism. If the second line is in contrast to the first line, it is called antithetic parallelism. Identify 3 verses of each of these two types of parallelism found in this lesson.
  2. Just as we found in the first 14 verses of chapter 10, verses 15-32 contain wise advice concerning our speech. Identify these verses. What are the key points of advice contained in them?
  3. What does the term “whirlwind” refer to in verse 25?


  1. Verses 18, 22, and 26 are examples of synonymous parallelism, and verses 16, 25 and 28 are examples of antithetic parallelism.
  2. Verses 18, 19-21, 31 and 32 all give wise advice regarding our speech or conversation. Believers are admonished to demonstrate speech that is truthful, not slanderous, controlled, full of wisdom and indicative of godly character.
  3. The term “whirlwind” in verse 25 refers to God’s whirlwind of judgment. God’s judgment will sweep everything wicked away in its path, but the foundation of righteousness will preserve the godly.


  1. Discuss practical ways that the “fear of the Lord” may prolong the life of the believer. In contrast, consider ungodly behaviors or attitudes that may have a direct and negative impact on the longevity of a person’s life.


  1. In the previous lesson, the challenge given was to eliminate or avoid any and all laziness in your own life. Here in this lesson (v 26), the challenge is to recognize the folly of having lazy messengers or workers in your employ or even in your areas of service. Pray for the strength and wisdom required to transform lazy people in your circles of influence to be productive in their work and service – or, if necessary, to replace them.

Key Verses

  • “The fear of the Lord prolongs days, but the years of the wicked will be shortened. The hope of the righteous will be gladness, but the expectation of the wicked will perish.” Proverbs 10:27, 28

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