Nehemiah 4:13-15

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Putting on the Armor

Nehemiah 4:13-15

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Lesson Number 12

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Offensive warfare defeats Satan
    a. Set a watch
    b. Be armed
    c. Don’t be afraid
    d. Remember the Lord
    e. Be challenged to fight for the family

Practical Application

  1. Be more than an expert in spiritual wall-building – be a leader.


  1. From verse 7, name the enemies of Jerusalem and find their locations on a map.
  2. The Jews were frightened, tired and discouraged. How did Nehemiah turn this around?
  3. From Ephesians 6, list the pieces of armor and their significance.
  4. Why is no armor provided for the Christian soldier’s back?
  5. What offensive weapon did Jesus use when confronted by Satan at His temptation in the wilderness? Are we ready and able to pick up and to use this weapon, too?


  1. Sanballat (Samaria): north; Tobiah (Ammon): east; Geshem (Arabs): south; Ashdod: east.
  2. Nehemiah exhorted the people to depend on the Lord, reminding them of His great and awesome works on their behalf. He set a watch (or defense) at vulnerable places along the wall. He prayed. He challenged the workers to fight for their families.
  3. Defensive weapons: Belt of truth holds our armor in the proper place; breastplate of righteousness protects our hearts; firm footing for standing our ground in battle is provided by the gospel; shield of faith repels Satan’s fiery darts of opposition, doubt and discouragement; helmet of salvation protects our heads. Offensive weapon: the sword of the Spirit – the Word of God.
  4. We are supposed to stand our ground (Ephesians 13-14), not turn our backs and run away!
  5. He used the same offensive weapon God has given to us: the Sword of the Spirit – the Word of God! Jesus used Scripture from Deuteronomy to defeat Satan. (See Matthew 4 and Luke 4.) We should be prepared to use Scripture for all types of occasions!


  1. Review the principles of spiritual warfare taught in Ephesians 6:10-20.
  2. Can you pinpoint your vulnerable places? Which places in your spiritual wall need greater protection, lest Satan get a foothold there?


  1. Although we are aware of family or church problems, we sometimes get too busy to take an honest look at them. It’s easier to put our heads in the sand and hope that the problems will go away. Does this speak to you? Don’t ignore the problems, but strengthen the things that will make your family or fellowship group strong for the Lord.

Key Verses

  • “Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord, and fight for your families.” Nehemiah 4:14

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