Nehemiah 2:17-18

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Standard Operating Procedure

Nehemiah 2:17-18

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Lesson Number 5

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God’s SOP is to achieve through many, the vision He gives to a few.
  2. It’s a disgrace for the believer not to have strong walls.

Practical Application

  1. Sometimes it takes a new voice to open up your eyes.
  2. Your own Christian testimony can challenge and motivate others.


  1. How did Nehemiah use his place of power in the palace for the glory of God?
  2. Read 2 Chronicles 36:15-21. Who were the Chaldeans? Locate their empire on a Bible map.
  3. Name 3 reasons from 2 Chronicles 36 for the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile.
  4. What does SOP stand for, and what does it mean in this lesson?
  5. Review Paul’s Macedonian call, an example of SOP. See Acts 16.9-10.
  6. Review Nehemiah’s testimony before the people. Did he abuse his authority? Did he shout at the people to get them going? What did he do and say?


  1. He requested that the king allow him to return to Judah to rebuild the ruined walls of Jerusalem. The king appointed him governor of Judah.
  2. The Chaldeans is another name for the Babylonians .
  3. They mocked God’s messengers, despised God’s words, and did not observe the land’s Sabbath rests.
  4. SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure, which is to achieve through many the vision that God has given to a few.
  5. Paul’s ministry to carry out the great commission took him from Asia to Europe, where he established churches throughout the Roman Empire. He led others to help in this work.
  6. Nehemiah did not abuse his authority, nor shout at the people. His testimony aroused the people. He linked himself with them, challenging, and motivating them with encouraging words.


  1. Do you know someone who has been given a vision and acted on it? Have you helped someone carry out their vision? Have you ever been given a vision to start something for God?
  2. Read Jude 3. Can you defend your faith? Do you know how to lead someone to Christ? Have you led someone to Christ?
  3. Sometimes it takes a new voice to open our eyes. Have you heard a new voice lately that has challenged you to have greater concern for the kingdom of God?


  1. List some areas of desensitization in your life. (Have you become used to something that would have shocked you a few years ago?)

Key Verses

  • “Come, let us rebuild the wall.” Nehemiah 2:17

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