Matthew 24:32-39

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The Parable of the Fig Tree Indicates the Time of His Return

Matthew 24:32-39

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Lesson Number 66

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The condition of Israel is a sign of the return of the Lord.
  2. The condition of society is a sign of the return of the Lord.

Practical Application

  1. Read and study what will never pass away.


  1. Review the various interpretations for “this generation” in Matthew 28:34.
  2. How is it possible that our Lord Jesus, God the Son, did not know the hour of His return?
  3. What does the fig tree represent in this parable?
  4. What was society like at the time of Noah?


  1. The generation that begins to see these end time events will live to see the Lord’s return. Or, since the Greek word for “generation” could also be translated “race,” the Jewish people as a race will continue unto the end times. Third, the rejection of the Messiah by that unbelieving generation will continue to the end times, when a national revival will take place. This third interpretation, that the Jews will exist as an unbelieving generation until the end times, seems most likely.
  2. When God the Son became man, he willingly opted not to use certain divine attributes, such as His omniscience, at certain times.
  3. The fig tree represents Israel. Israel is often represented by a fig tree in the Bible.
  4. There was much wickedness at that time, as there is today. The people were likewise going about their everyday lives, unaware of impending judgment.


  1. Discuss the current events involving Israel and the Middle East. Studying the history of the State of Israel can be exciting as you anticipate the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises. The condition of Israel is a sign of the return of the Lord. Keep your eye on Israel. When you see signs of life you will know end time events are not too far ahead. The days of spiritual fruit are in the future, but the leaves are blooming now.
  2. In the time of Noah the people were living their lives unaware and unconcerned. They were not aware of the imminent judgment that was to come. The flood came suddenly and took them away. In the same way, the coming of the Lord in judgment will be sudden. People will be unprepared and unconcerned, until they are taken away in judgment. Are you living your life unaware of the future? Discuss ways to live your life in light of eternity.


  1. Think back over how you have spent your time this week. Have you spent the majority of time on things that will pass away? I Peter 1:24-25 says, “The grass withers, and its flower falls away, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” Bible study will not happen by accident. Commit to spend time this week in the enduring word of God.

Key Verses

  • “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” Matthew 24:35
  • “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:37

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