Mark 7:24-30

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The Lord Heals a Demon-Possessed Daughter

Mark 7:24-30

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Lesson Number 30

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God must be approached on the right grounds.
  2. The power of prayer can remove demons.

Practical Application

  1. When we are willing to settle for crumbs, God gives us a full loaf.
  2. We should always bring the spiritual condition of our children before the Lord.


  1. Who was the woman of this story?
  2. Wasn't it a harsh statement that the Lord made to the woman, calling her a dog? How did she respond?
  3. Was the woman right in coming to Christ as she did? How did the Lord respond to her?
  4. Of what special significance is this story?
  5. How is the woman's faith illustrated?
  6. Can a demon be cast out at a distance? What does this teach us?
  7. What happened when the woman was willing to settle for crumbs?


  1. She was a Greek or a Gentile, and a Syrophenician. (Syro was a region of Syria, under Roman rule).
  2. Gentiles were "dogs" to Jews. But the word the Lord used here was different, meaning little dogs or puppies. Equate this with the little dog at your table, enjoying the scraps. She responded with faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus. See also the account in Matthew 15:21-28. Her faith was rewarded.
  3. She came on the wrong grounds, for Jesus was sent to the lost sheep, the Jews. She had no claim on a Jewish Messiah (see Matthew 15:22). Jesus nudged her toward the proper approach, and He left the door open.
  4. It was a preview of God's grace for Gentiles, yet to come.
  5. She took the humble place; she realized the door was open; she was willing to feed on crumbs. Her faith was persistent.
  6. This is the only case in the gospels where it occurred at a distance and without a direct command. Don't look for a healing service or an exorcist. Trust Christ.
  7. The Lord gave her much more. God blesses those who are willing to settle for crumbs. His delight is in giving. See Psalm 37:4.


  1. When the woman was concerned about her daughter, she brought the problem to Jesus, the right person. What does this say to us?
  2. When the woman was willing to settle for crumbs, the Lord gave her much more. What does this say to us?


  1. Come to the Lord on the right grounds. Do not come demanding, but take the humble place. Remember, He is God!

Key Verses

  • "She came and fell at His feet." (Mark 7:25)

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