Mark 15:1-20

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The Political Trial of the Lord Jesus

Mark 15:1-20

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Lesson Number 65

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Jesus was the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53.
  2. God delivered Jesus to be crucified for our sins.

Practical Application

  1. What's our bottom line when making decisions?


  1. Which trial takes place in Mark 15?
  2. List the three phases of this trial.
  3. Of what did the Sanhedrin accuse Jesus?
  4. What did the Sanhedrin accuse Jesus of before Pilate? What was the irony in this accusation?
  5. When Jesus answered, "I am", what was the essence of the meaning?
  6. If Pilate found no fault in Christ, why did he deliver Him to be crucified?
  7. Was God in control when Jesus was delivered to be crucified?


  1. The political trial before Pilate
  2. a) Jesus appeared before Pilate, b) Jesus appeared before Herod, and c) Jesus appeared again before Pilate
  3. Blasphemy
  4. Treason, by saying that Jesus was perverting the nation, that He refused to pay taxes to Caesar, and that He, Himself was a king. The irony? The Jews themselves had desired for someone to overthrow Rome. Also, they called for the release of Barabbas, who was convicted of treason.
  5. He meant that His kingdom was not of this world. A king, yes, but His kingdom was not political. He was not seeking to overthrow Rome.
  6. He wanted the favor of the crowd.
  7. Yes. God was and is always in control. God sovereignly decreed that the Lord Jesus would go to the cross for our sins.


  1. Read about the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53. What has this Suffering Servant done for you? Does He make a difference in your life on a day to day basis? How about concerning a lifetime purpose?
  2. What is the bottom line when you make decisions, whether large or small. Is it to please God or to please self? In this light, keep an account of your decisions.


  1. Everyone is given options. What option did Pilate choose? What option did Jesus choose? What options are you given, and how do you choose? Basically, our options are to please self or to please God.

Key Verses

  • "What do you want me to do with Him?" (Mark 15:12)

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