Luke 9:37-50

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A Demon-Possessed Boy is Healed; Teaching on Discipleship

Luke 9:37-50

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Lesson Number 26

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Discipleship involves mountain top and valley experiences.
  2. Discipleship demands humble and tolerant attitudes.

Practical Application

  1. Your heart speaks louder than your words or actions.
  2. Don’t let self-importance keep you from scriptural insight.


  1. What two unbiblical extremes do believers take on the subject of demon-possession?
  2. What happened the day before the disciples met this demon-possessed boy?
  3. Why couldn’t the disciples cast the demon out of the little boy?
  4. What did Jesus have to remind the disciples of in verses 43-44?
  5. Is there a contradiction between Mark 9:50 and Luke 11:23?


  1. One extreme is to attribute every illness, disease, and physical problem that a person has to demons. The other unbiblical extreme is to deny the reality of demon possession and try to explain all demon possession problems as only psychological disorders or emotional stress.
  2. Peter, James, and John had a mountain top experience with the Lord on the Mount of Transfiguration. They saw the Lord revealed in His glory.
  3. We don’t know for sure. Maybe they tried to do it in their own power, with not enough power and not enough faith. Maybe they were puffed up with their new power and authority over the demons and had to be humbled.
  4. Even though the people were marveling at His miracles, the leaders of the nation were going to reject Him.
  5. In reference to the Person and Work of Christ and the matter of salvation there can be no neutrality. A person who is not for Christ is against Christ. In reference to Christian service, however, a person doing something in the name of Christ is not against you, but is for you.


  1. Remember a mountain top experience in your Christian life. Did a valley experience shortly follow? Discuss why discipleship has to involve both mountaintop and valley experiences.
  2. Discipleship demands humility. It is not always having the most glamorous jobs and serving the Lord in the spotlight. Think of some of the “unglamorous” job that must be done around your local church in order for the ministry to take place. How can you get involved in some of these?


  1. You have heard, “Actions speak louder than words.” But words and actions can mask a person’s real motives. God is omniscient; He knows everything including the thoughts of our hearts. To God, your heart speaks louder than your words or actions.

Key Verses

  • “Whoever receives this little child in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me. For he who is least among you all will be great.” Luke 9:48

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