Leviticus 3

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The Peace Offering

Leviticus 3

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Lesson Number 3

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The Peace Offering was the only offering in which the worshipper shared.
  2. The Peace Offering was the spiritual picture of the sacrifice of Christ – the basis of our peace with God.

Practical Application

  1. Give your fat to the Lord!


  1. Explain the design of the detailed laws about sacrifices, special days, and clean and unclean foods in Leviticus.
  2. Is the truth that God is love absent from Leviticus?
  3. Leviticus 7 tells us three different occasions the Peace Offering would be brought to the Lord. List them.
  4. What is significant about the types of cakes or bread that were offered along with the Peace Offering?
  5. How does the Peace Offering represent the peace we should have with one another?


  1. These laws were designed not only to point forward to the coming Messiah, but to maintain fellowship between a holy God and His unholy people.
  2. No! God wanted to have fellowship with His people. In Leviticus we see how He provided a way for their sins to be covered until the coming of Christ.
  3. For an unexpected blessing In connection with a vow made before the Lord For general thankfulness
  4. The Peace Offering was unique in that leavened bread was allowed to be used (Leviticus 7:13). The truth pictured here is that we who are sinners, represented by the leavened bread, can have fellowship with a holy God.
  5. This great truth is portrayed in the fact that the worshipper and his friends could eat a part of the sacrifice that was not consumed on the altar. The sacrifice was the basis of their fellowship and a spiritual picture of the happy unity that should exist between believers because of Christ. See Ephesians 2:14.


  1. Discuss the details of the Peace Offering- the animal offered, the process of the sacrifice. Discuss the significance of the worshippers laying their hands on the sacrifice as the animals were slain.
  2. In the Peace Offering, Christ is seen as the basis and foundation of the believer’s peace and fellowship with God. Without the sacrifice of Christ there would be no peace between us and God. Discuss this amazing truth and refer to Ephesians 2:17 and Colossians 1:20-21.


  1. “Give your fat to the Lord”? In that culture the fatty portions detailed in the Peace Offering were considered the best part of the offering. Let’s give our best to the Lord.

Key Verses

  • “When his offering is a sacrifice of a peace offering, if he offers it of the herd, whether male or female, he shall offer it without blemish before the Lord. And he shall lay his hand on the head of his offering, and kill it at the door of the tabernacle of meeting.” Leviticus 3:1-2b

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