Joshua 15

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The Boundaries for the Tribal Area of Judah

Joshua 15

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Lesson Number 24

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God sovereignly distributes our portion in the land.
  2. God graciously grants our requests in the land.

Practical Application

  1. Is our problem lack of strength or lack of faith?


  1. In which portion of this lesson are the borders of Judah given?
  2. In which portion of this lesson is there a listing of the cities of Judah?
  3. How does Joshua 11, where we read that Israel conquered Hebron and drove out the giants harmonize with Joshua 14-15, where we read that Caleb took Hebron?
  4. In Joshua 15:21-32 there is a listing of 38 cities, but verse 32 says the total is only 29. How is this explained?
  5. How does 1 Corinthians 12:4-12 relate to this passage in Joshua?
  6. Was Achsah's request for springs of water a selfish request?
  7. Why didn't Judah fully drive out the Jebusites (until the time of David)?


  1. Joshua 15:1-4, the southern border; 15:5-9, the eastern border; 15:10-11, the northern border; 15:12, the western border.
  2. Joshua 15:20-63
  3. Most likely they are one and the same, with the latter chapters giving the detail.
  4. Most likely the answer is found in Joshua 19, where we see that the tribe of Simeon had its tribal area within the tribal area of Judah, and thus possessed nine of these cities.
  5. God sovereignly distributed the land to His people, and God sovereignly distributes gifts to His people today. God knew what was best for the Israelites and He knows what is best for each of us.
  6. Not at all, for she needed the water to make the land more productive.
  7. The Lord had promised total victory, so Judah's problem was not lack of strength, but lack of faith.


  1. God sovereignly distributed to each tribe its portion of the land. God sovereignly distributes to each Christian the gifts of His choice. In the land of spiritual realities God determines our gifts, ministries and Christian service. He knew what was best for Judah and He knows what is best for us today. Are you content with your portion, with what God has given to you? Do you know what your spiritual gift it? Are you using this gift for His glory?
  2. ust as Achsah's request for the springs of water was granted, so will ours be when we ask for things to make us more fruitful. See John 15:16. What are you asking God for?


  1. Because of lack of faith, Judah did not fully drive out the Jebusites until much later in history. Is the enemy controlling some of the land in your life? Are you living with doubts, discouragements, defeat? Are you causing yourself grief because of lack of faith? Read and memorize Isaiah 40:31.

Key Verses

  • "In accordance with the Lord's command, Joshua gave to Caleb a portion in Judah. Caleb drove out the giants." (Joshua 15:13-14)
  • "Achsah asked her father for springs of water to go with the land he gave her. So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs." (Joshua 15:18-19)

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