Joshua 13:1-33

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The Division of the Land on the East Side of the Jordan

Joshua 13:1-33

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Lesson Number 22

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Believers must possess their inheritance.
  2. Believers must dispossess their inheritance.

Practical Application

  1. Let's live more like the Levites.


  1. Let's live more like the Levites.
  2. Why did they want their portion on the East Side?
  3. Why was Levi given no inheritance?
  4. How is the Book of Joshua divided?
  5. Why did the Lord say to Joshua that he was old and advanced in years?
  6. Did the tribes complete the job of possession of the land?
  7. How will the enemy be disposed from our inheritance?


  1. Reuben, Gad and one-half of Manasseh.
  2. They had asked to live there. See Numbers 32.
  3. Because the Lord God of Israel was their inheritance. They were to serve the Lord full time.
  4. The first half concerned the conquering of the land; in the second half, beginning with Joshua 13 the division and settling of the land is recorded.
  5. Joshua was at least in his 90s. He had done a great job and the seven years of conquest was over, but a lot of territory still needed to be possessed.
  6. No. They failed to conquer the Philistines (see Joshua 13:2).
  7. By looking to the Lord and following the principles that God has laid down in His word.


  1. The land of Canaan was given to the Israelites by God Himself. But they had to possess their inheritance. The same is true for believers today. God has given us an inheritance in the land of spiritual blessings, but it is up to us to possess it. Have you possessed your inheritance? Or are you full of fears -of dying, of the future? Do you have the joy and peace of the Lord?
  2. Before Israel could fully possess their inheritance, they must fully disposses the land of the enemy forces. God promises victory to us just as He promised it to them. Little by little as we follow the Lord and mature in the faith, we will see victory over sin and temptation, and we will be strengthened as we move out and claim territory that is still in enemy hands. This applies not only to our priorities and world views, where Satan loves to have control, but it applies to our Christian service as well. How are you doing?


  1. The Levites had no inheritance except the Lord God. He was sufficient for every need. They were not concerned with material things like houses, property, herds, etc. They were more streamlined in their lifestyle. They were occupied with serving the Lord. As a result, they were closer to the Lord. Are there things that keep you more occupied than serving the Lord? What are your priorities concerning possessions? Can you say with David, "The Lord is the portion of my inheritance" (Psalm 16:5-6)? Can you identify your goal with Paul's, "That I may know Him" (Philippians 3:10)?

Key Verses

  • "Now Joshua was old and well advanced in years. And the Lord said to him, 'You are very old and there remains much land yet to be possessed." (Joshua 13:1)
  • "To the tribe of Levi, Moses had given no inheritance...the Lord God of Israel was their inheritance." (Joshua 13:33)

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