John 9:1-12

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The Lord Heals A Man Who Was Blind From Birth

John 9:1-12

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Lesson Number 42

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Bad things do happen to good people.
  2. Man is spiritually blind from birth.
  3. Salvation requires a Naaman-like faith.

Practical Application

  1. Let’s make hay while the sun shines.
  2. Our neighbors should see a difference in us.


  1. How could a man be born blind because of his parents’ sin?
  2. Why did the Lord choose to heal the blind man by mixing spit with clay?
  3. Do bad things happen to “good” people?
  4. Why is “good” in quotation marks?
  5. What is the spiritual picture in the healing of the blind man?
  6. What does it mean, “Salvation requires a Naaman-like faith”?


  1. This idea came from a misinterpretation of an Old Testament law whereby the iniquity of the fathers would be visited upon the children into the next generations. See Exodus 20.5; 34.7. What God meant was that sin has a trickle-down or rippling-out effect.
  2. From early Jewish writings, the spit of a Rabbi was highly esteemed. The Lord used this to heal the deaf and dumb man (Mark 7), and the blind man of Bethsaida (Mark 8). Furthermore, the touch of the Lord Jesus was important with this handicapped man, for many avoid touching a handicapped person.
  3. Yes, sometimes God allows bad things to happen. He is not the source of bad things, for there is evil in this world. God can take those bad things and overrule, using them in His plans for an individual’s life.
  4. Because no one is good. See Romans 3.
  5. It is a spiritual picture of salvation. We are born in sin and we are blind spiritually until we experience the new birth. See 1 Peter 2.9.
  6. When Naaman was told by Elisha to dip into the Jordan River seven times to cure his leprosy, he refused. Then he went in faith and was cured. This blind man had to go in faith to the pool by himself.


  1. Do you avoid touching someone with a disability? Discuss what that touch might mean to that person.
  2. The Lord said that He must work for darkness was coming. He meant that His earthly ministry would end and He would return to His Father. In the meantime He was effectively and efficiently doing the works ordained by God. We all have limited time here on earth. How are you taking advantage of the time and opportunities that the Lord is giving you?


  1. When bad things happen to you, do you blame outside sources, or people, or even God? Think on Romans 8:28.

Key Verses

  • “Neither the blind man or his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.” John 9:3
  • “How were your eyes opened?” John 9:10
  • “By a Man called Jesus…I received sight.” John 9:11

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