John 10:19-21

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Another Division among the Jews Because of the Sayings of Christ

John 10:19-21

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Lesson Number 48

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. If Jesus was not more than a good man, He was a bad man or a madman.

Practical Application

  1. Let’s lose our logic advantage.


  1. This is the third time in John’s gospel that we read of a division. Can you identify these passages and tell why there is a division?
  2. Explain the liar, lunatic, or Lord argument.
  3. What is the evidence to refute the liar argument?
  4. What is the evidence to refute the lunatic argument?
  5. What is the evidence to back up the Lord’s claim to deity?
  6. For which of these things did the Jews pick up stones to stone Jesus?


  1. ohn 7:40-43, because of the person of Christ; John 9:16, because of the works (miracles) of Christ; and John 10:19, because of the words of Christ.
  2. If Jesus claimed to be God, but He wasn’t God, He can’t be a good man or a great human leader. If He claimed to be God and knew that claim was false, then He was a liar. If, on the other hand, He claimed to be God and didn’t know it was a false claim, then He was beside Himself, insane, deluded, a lunatic. The record is clear that Jesus is not a liar, nor is He deluded. A person has only three options at that point – he believes that Jesus is Lord, or a liar, or a lunatic. The logical conclusion is that Jesus is Lord.
  3. The record of Jesus of Nazareth shows Him to be anything but a liar.
  4. The record of Jesus is anything but one who is deluded or demon-possessed. Insane people are not balanced or concerned for others.
  5. The evidence is overwhelming that Jesus made the claim to deity. Not only biblical evidence, but extra-biblical evidence as well. The gospel of John is full of statements claiming Jesus’ deity: John 14:8-11; John 8:56-59; John 10:30-33.
  6. For blasphemy, for claiming that He was God.


  1. How well would you do in the liar, lunatic or Lord argument? Do you know scripture well enough to show that Jesus is who He claimed to be?
  2. How well could you use the logic argument with unbelievers?


Key Verses

  • “There was a division again among the Jews because of these sayings.” John 10:19

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