Job 38:1-38

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God’s First Speech to Job Begins

Job 38:1-38

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Lesson Number 26

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. In His first speech, God questions Job about the physical world.

Practical Application

  1. Don’t ignore the weather factor!


  1. What was the setting for God’s address to Job? In what format did God chose to present His speech to Job? In His speech to Job, did the Lord give Job reasons for his suffering?
  2. In chapters 38 and 39, God speaks to Job about the physical world and its creation. What is the basis for God’s position of authority on this matter (v2)?
  3. Who is the Lord is referring to as “sons of God” in verse 7?
  4. While God confronts Job with the visible evidence of His authority over the waters of the earth and the great lights of the earth, He speaks to Job about _____________ realms in verses 16-18.
  5. What are two ways that God uses His control of the weather (vs 22, 23)?
  6. Not only does God remind Job that He knows every detail about the universe (vs 31-33), but God makes it clear to Job that He can, in His omniscience, change the weather merely by __________ (vs 34, 35).


  1. Here in chapter 38, God speaks forcefully to Job out of a whirlwind or storm (v 1). The Lord confronted Job with a series of very serious questions, totaling over 70 in both speeches. Unlike Job’s four counselors, God did not give Job reasons for his suffering. In fact, God did not even mention Job’s suffering.
  2. God makes very clear to Job that He and He alone can speak of the created world and universe with authority because He was there (v 4) and He designed it and brought it into being (vs 5-11).
  3. In verse 7, God is referring to angels when He speaks of the “sons of God.” At creation all the angels shouted for joy. Everything was in beautiful harmony. The fall of Lucifer had not yet taken place.
  4. God confronts Job with His sole authority over the visible parts of His creation, and also speaks to Job about the unseen realms including the matter of life and death (vs 16, 17).
  5. God uses His control over the weather not only to make the land productive, but also to subdue His enemies (vs 22, 23). Read Psalm 148:8 in this connection.
  6. Not only does God know every detail in His universe, but He can control and change the weather merely by speaking (vs 34, 35).


  1. Discuss the impact of secular teaching about the origin and sustaining of the universe in your experiences. Consider the impact these teachings would have (or have had) on your children in primary and secondary institutions of learning. Discuss ways that you can convey and instill the truths of Scripture in your home and family.


  1. Has the influence of secular teachers and books caused you to doubt God’s six-day creation of the universe? Do you credit “the randomness of nature” rather than the Lord’s control when the weather is particularly beautiful or destructive? Meditate on the questions Job was confronted with by God in this chapter. Where were you when God laid the foundations of the earth?

Key Verses

  • “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Have you commanded the morning since your days began? Do you know the ordinances of heaven? Who has put wisdom in your mind, or who has given understanding to the heart? Job 38:4, 12, 33, 36

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