Job 2

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Job’s Test of Faith – Personal Health

Job 2

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Lesson Number 3

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Health and wealth evangelists misunderstand a believer’s sufferings.
  2. Family and friends may misunderstand a believer’s sufferings.

Practical Application

  1. Don't forget Job when confronted with the question of euthanasia.
  2. Comfort your hurting friend with your silent presence.


  1. In verse 4, what does the phrase “skin for skin” mean?
  2. In what way did God limit Satan’s attack on Job?
  3. For what reasons did God allow Satan to affect Job’s body with a horrible ailment?
  4. The book of Job teaches us that no matter how severe the suffering of a believer, ______ is always in control of the believer’s life.
  5. In chapter 1, we see that Job lost his children (vs 18-19), but not his wife. What action does Job’s wife suggest he take here in chapter 2? What was Job’s response to his wife?


  1. The phrase “skin for skin,” is used here by Satan in his accusation against Job, meaning that Job was willing to give up his animals and even his children to save his own life, not because he was committed to God in times of adversity.
  2. While God did allow Satan to inflict Job with a terrible ailment, He did not allow Satan to take Job’s life (v 6).
  3. God allowed Satan to affect Job’s body as a test of faith and to prove to Satan that Job’s faith in God was not for selfish reasons.
  4. The book of Job teaches us that no matter how severe the suffering of a believer is, God is always in control of the believer’s life.
  5. Job’s wife, who was not taken from him, suggests to Job (v 9) that he violate his integrity, curse God and die rather than suffer. In response, Job resisted sinful words against God (v 10) and stated his willingness to endure suffering when it was God’s will for him.


  1. Discuss in your family and in your circle of believers the scriptural truths about suffering. Consider the reality that many believers are not familiar with the different causes of suffering and God’s purposes that can be realized during times of suffering. Discuss your experiences of seeing suffering Christians respond inappropriately to the distorted messages that are frequently spoken by “health and wealth” evangelists.


  1. James admonishes every believer to be swift to hear and slow to speak (1:19). We see in this chapter that Job’s three friends were silent in Job’s presence for 7 days, mourning and comforting Job while recognizing his great suffering. Can you exercise the commendable practice of “silent presence” when in the company of a suffering friend? Silent presence can bring wonderful comfort in times of grief and pain.

Key Verses

  • “But he said to her, ‘You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?’ In all this Job did not sin with his lips.” Job 2:10

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