Jeremiah 4

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Jeremiah’s Warning of Invasion

Jeremiah 4

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Lesson Number 4

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Jeremiah predicted the judgment of the coming Babylonian invasion.
  2. Jeremiah described the results of the coming Babylonian invasion.

Practical Application

  1. Don’t get taken in by the false prophets of today!


  1. What is the key to Israel’s blessing in the future and why hasn’t this blessing yet been realized?
  2. What are three reasons given in this chapter which prompted God to allow the Babylonians to conquer Judah and Jerusalem?
  3. Why was God allowing the false prophets to convince the people that they would have peace when a terrible invasion was about to occur?
  4. How was Jeremiah personally reacting to the words and truth of judgment which God was proclaiming through him?
  5. What important prophecy is given by Jeremiah in this chapter regarding the existence of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel today?


  1. The key to Israel’s blessing in the future is their “return to the Lord”. While God has been willing to receive Israel back, Israel has continued to refuse to turn back to the Lord as her true Messiah.
  2. The men of Judah and Jerusalem would not break up the hard ground of their hearts; they continued to sow among the truth-choking thorns; and they did not spiritually separate themselves (circumcise themselves) from their evil deeds.
  3. Because the people would not believe Him, God allowed the false prophets to deceive them regarding peace, as we see in verse 10 and in chapter 6:14.
  4. Jeremiah was personally distraught and emotionally appalled at the thought of the coming invasion and resulting devastation.
  5. Jeremiah’s prophecy in verse 27 tells us that God in His grace would not execute a complete destruction of his people or the nation, and we realize the truth of this prophecy today by the fact that the Jewish people and the nation of Israel still exist.


  1. The false prophets of Jeremiah’s day persuasively convinced the people that there would be no invasion, but rather peace. Even the king, the princes, the priests and the prophets had been convinced. The reality of false prophets today is clear, as we are told that there will be peace and that the people and nations will be free of God’s judgment. Many believethe false prophets because, as in Jeremiah’s day, they have hearts of unbelief. To the unfaithful then (Jeremiah 5:21) and to unbelievers today, God continues to say . . . “Hearing you will not hear, and shall not understand, and seeing you will not see and not perceive.” Matthew 13:14


  1. Is the truth of God’s Word embedded deeply and clearly in your heart and mind, so that the false teachers and false teachings of our day will not be able to deceive you? It is a heart of unbelief in the truth that gives way to false teachers and their teachings.

Key Verses

  • “For thus says the LORD: ‘The whole land shall be desolate; yet I will not make a full end.” Jeremiah 4:27

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