Jeremiah 15

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The Lord’s Anger and Assurance

Jeremiah 15

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Lesson Number 15

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. To the defiant and rebellious the Lord says, “I am against you.”
  2. To the discouraged and rejected the Lord says, “I am with you.”

Practical Application

  1. Don’t stop reading the Word!


  1. Why did the Lord select Moses and Samuel among those who had interceded before Him in the past?
  2. Why did the Lord single out King Manasseh as the one who was responsible for the imminent judgment?
  3. What is the meaning and significance of the phrase, “She . . . who has borne seven,” or “the mother of seven” in verse 9?
  4. What was the Lord’s response to Jeremiah in his discouragement?
  5. In verse 16, Jeremiah says, “Your words were found, and I ate them.” What “words” would Jeremiah have been referring to?


  1. Both Moses and Samuel had successfully interceded for Israel before God, as we find in Exodus 32 and 1 Samuel 7, respectively. After the golden calf incident, Moses pleaded with the Lord on behalf of the people (Exod. 32:11), and after the “ark of the Lord” had been returned from the land of the Philistines, Samuel cried out to the Lord for the people (1 Sam. 7:9). In both cases, God heeded their pleas.
  2. King Manasseh was singled out because he was the worst of Judah’s kings. He had introduced gross idolatry. 2 Kings 21:11 says that Manasseh was more wicked than the Amorites who formerly lived in the land.
  3. This phrase pictures the perfect family of seven sons, and the context of the phrase (vs. 9) emphasizes that even the perfect family would face God’s judgment.
  4. The Lord responded to Jeremiah’s discouragement by: Assuring him that he would not be taken into captivity; Assuring him that the Babylonians would listen to him; Assuring him that all the events God had prophesied would come true; Allowing Jeremiah to find joy in His Word.
  5. During the early years of Jeremiah’s ministry (and during Josiah’s reign), a complete copy of the Scriptures had been found in the Temple. Read 2 Kings 22 in this regard.


  1. The Lord said to the defiant and rebellious Judah, “I am against you.” God speaks to the defiant and rebellious in the same way today, whether speaking to nations or individuals. Matthew 25 confirms that there will be a future judgment of nations, and John 3:36 confirms that the wrath of God abides on every defiant and rebellious individual.


  1. At this point in Jeremiah’s life, he was extremely discouraged, even disappointed with God. Have you felt this way recently? Jeremiah, never-the-less, did not stop reading God’s Word, and neither should we. Even when you don’t “feel like it”, make every effort to continue to read Scripture. God’s Word is able to bring you encouragement, have a cleansing effect on your life, and restore to you the joy of the Lord.

Key Verses

  • “Your words were found, and I ate them, and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” Jeremiah 15:16

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