Genesis 7:17-24

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The Extent and Results of the Flood

Genesis 7:17-24

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Lesson Number 17

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God destroys the wicked with judgment.
  2. God delivers the righteous from judgment.

Practical Application

  1. Let’s trust God in the storms of life.


  1. Was the flood local or world wide?
  2. Why did God destroy all living things on earth?
  3. Describe some of the bad fall-out when man sinned?
  4. Does the word “destroy” mean annihilation?
  5. How did God deliver the righteous in Noah’s day?
  6. Why did God declare Noah righteous?


  1. It was world wide. See Genesis 7:19, 21, 23, noting all.
  2. See Genesis 6:5-7.
  3. The animals and plants suffered the consequences of man’s sin when God destroyed the wicked.
  4. No. The word “destroy” means ruin and loss.
  5. By the ark. Only Noah and those with him in the ark remained alive. See 2 Peter 2:5.
  6. Noah was not sinless, but he was declared “righteous” because he believed God. See Genesis 7:1 and Hebrews 11:7.


  1. Consider God’s judgment on the world in Noah’s day. Consider God’s judgment on the world in the future.
  2. God delivered Noah and his family from judgment. How does He deliver those He declares righteous today? (If necessary, discuss the meaning of righteousness).


  1. Are you trusting God in the storms of your life? When things seem to be out of control, where do you turn? Do you think that God doesn’t remember (know) your situation? Does God seem to be silent at times in your life? See Isaiah 43:2. Trust God in the storms of life. He cares for you and He is in control.

Key Verses

  • And all flesh died that moved on the earth... He destroyed all living things on the face of the earth. Only Noah and those who were with him in the ark remained alive.” Genesis 7:21, 23

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