Genesis 45:1-15

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Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers

Genesis 45:1-15

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Lesson Number 98

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Understanding God’s providence enables the believer to accept hard times.
  2. Understanding God’s providence enables the believer to forgive hard people.
  3. Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers portrays Christ’s future reconciliation with Israel.

Practical Application

  1. It’s OK for a man to cry.


  1. When was Joseph ready to reveal himself to his brothers?
  2. How was Joseph able to accept hard times?
  3. What is the doctrine of God’s providence?
  4. Why was Joseph able to forgive his brothers?
  5. How does Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers portray the future reconciliation of Christ with Israel?


  1. After they had passed the tests he had designed for them. Through these tests they not only acknowledged their guilt, but they showed a change of heart. When Judah spoke for the brothers, Joseph realized that they wanted to do what was right.
  2. Because of his unwavering faith in God. He appreciated and understood God’s providence.
  3. Not only is God in control of all things, but He actually works out His plans and purposes through these things.
  4. Because he saw God’s hand in all the events of his life.
  5. See Zechariah 12:9-10; 13:1. “In that day” refers to the future of the nation of Israel, the Jewish people. The fountain opened speaks of reconciliation and forgiveness. Israel will continue to go through hard times in the international community, but there will be a future spiritual revival in Israel which will culminate in the Lord’s return, and a reconciliation with the Messiah who they once rejected. This is pictured in Genesis 45 in Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers.


  1. Do you understand the doctrine of God’s providence in your life? Do you believe that He has specific plans and purposes for your life, and that He is in control? See Romans 8:28.
  2. Joseph forgave his brothers because he understood God’s providence. He could say, “God sent me before preserve life, to preserve your posterity.” Joseph saw God’s hand in all of these events. Could you be as forgiving as Joseph when someone has wronged you?


  1. Joseph cried. Jesus cried. Is it wrong for you to cry?

Key Verses

  • “God sent me before you to preserve preserve a posterity for was not you who sent me here, but God.” Genesis 45:5, 7, 8
  • “He kissed his brothers and wept over them.” Genesis 45:15

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