Genesis 42:22-38

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Joseph’s Brothers Return to Canaan From Egypt

Genesis 42:22-38

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Lesson Number 93

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The Lord is still testing Israel.
  2. The Lord is still weeping over Israel.

Practical Application

  1. Sometimes we have to use tough love.
  2. Don’t keep the blinders on.


  1. What makes us believe that Joseph’s brothers thought he was dead?
  2. When is there a consciousness of God? How did this show with Joseph’s brothers?
  3. How is the Lord testing Israel now?
  4. What blessing will come out of the Tribulation, known as the time of Jacob’s Trouble?
  5. Joseph wept over his brothers. When did the Lord weep over Jerusalem and the people of Israel? Why did they weep?


  1. See Genesis 42:22. Reuben said that Joseph’s blood was required of them.
  2. When the conscience is awakened. This was the first time the brothers mentioned God. (Genesis 42:28).
  3. Israel has been temporarily set aside, but not permanently. See Romans 11:25-27. This is pictured in Genesis 42 in Joseph’s treatment of his brothers, where the groundwork was being laid for reconciliation.
  4. There will come a remnant of believing Jews, prepared for the return of Christ.
  5. See Matthew 23:37-39. They wept because they loved their brothers.


  1. What is tough love? When should it be used? Why is it effective?
  2. Have you been through a time of testing? If so, how did it prepare you for a reconciliation with God?


  1. Do you sometimes feel that everything is going wrong? That everything is against you? Take off the blinders and realize that God is working all things for your good.

Key Verses

  • “His blood is now required of us.” Genesis 42:22
  • “What is this that God has done to us?” Genesis 42:28
  • “Jacob said, ‘All these things are against me.’“ Genesis 42:36

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