Genesis 28:1-9

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Isaac Sends Jacob Away to Find a Suitable Wife

Genesis 28:1-9

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Lesson Number 64

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Parents should teach their children the biblical concept of marriage.
  2. Parents should teach the biblical concept of God’s might.

Practical Application

  1. Close the door before the horse is out of the barn.


  1. Why did Isaac send Jacob away to Padan Aram? Why did Rebekah want Isaac to send Jacob away?
  2. To whom did God first give the Abrahamic covenant? To whom else was it later confirmed?
  3. Why did Isaac advise Jacob not to take a wife from the Canaanites?
  4. Who is El Shadai?
  5. What did it mean, “Esau tried to close the barn door when it was too late? (Genesis 28:7-8)


  1. Isaac called Jacob and blessed him and told him to take a wife from his mother’s brother, so he sent him to Padan Aram. Rebekah’s real reason was to get Jacob away from Esau.
  2. To Abraham, then to Isaac, and then to Jacob.
  3. Spiritual purity was to be maintained in all generations.
  4. God Almighty. This is the way God revealed Himself to Abraham. What seems humanly impossible, God can do.
  5. Esau was already married to two pagan Hittite women. Two wrongs, polygamy, did not make it right.


  1. Parents should teach their children the biblical concept of marriage. See 2 Corinthians 6:14. God wants the best, and not just any two believers. Waiting for God’s choice of a mate is necessary for ultimate happiness and service. How would you counsel young people to this end?
  2. Jacob obeyed his father and his mother. In some cases, they gave good advice. At other times, their advice was anything but spiritual. Make sure that when your children obey your voice, that it is in line with God’s will for their lives.


  1. God revealed Himself to Abraham as El Shadai. How can you teach your children to experience answered prayer?

Key Verses

  • “May God Almighty bless you...and give you the blessing of Abraham.” Genesis 28:3-4
  • “Jacob obeyed his father and his mother.” Genesis 28:7
  • “Esau went to Ishmael and took his daughter to wife in addition to the wives he had.” Genesis 28:9

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