Genesis 27:18-23

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Jacob Deceives Isaac and Receives the Patriarchal Blessing

Genesis 27:18-29

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Lesson Number 62

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. Lying and deceiving have bitter consequences.
  2. Lying and deceiving cannot thwart God’s purposes.

Practical Application

  1. Your first lie will not be your last lie.
  2. Watch out that you are not deceived in the area of your weakness.


  1. What was included in the patriarchal blessing?
  2. What were some of the results of lying and deceiving in the case of Isaac and his family?
  3. Was God’s purpose thwarted because of this deceit?
  4. What were some of Jacob’s lies to his father, Isaac?
  5. Illustrate the truth of “Your first lie will not be your last lie” in the case of Jacob.


  1. The birthright and the patriarchal blessing were closely related, including material blessing and the promise of power.
  2. There was family friction and fragmentation. Although all members of the family are mentioned here, they are never seen as a family. Jacob had to flee for his life because of Esau’s hatred; Isaac was deceived by his wife and his son. Rebekah never saw her favorite son again.
  3. No. Jacob was to receive the blessing, and he did, in spite of lying and deceiving on the part of Rebekah and Jacob, in spite of Isaac trying to circumvent the will of God, and in spite of family friction and fragmentation.
  4. “I am your first born.” “I have done just as you told me.” “Eat of my game.” the Lord brought it to me.”
  5. Genesis 27:19-20, 24. Jacob had to lie again to cover up his first lie.


  1. Look again at the family friction as a result of lying and deceiving. Has this happened in some families that you know? What were the consequences? Ofttimes, as in the case of this family, parents who play favorites with their children ask for problems.
  2. “Your first lie will not be your last lie.” It’s a never-ending cycle, and usually the lies have to get bigger and bigger. Sometimes, God is even brought into this cycle, as in the case of Jacob, and the character of God is maligned. Have you seen this happen? Have you ever been caught up in something like this?


  1. What are your areas of weakness? Be careful that these areas do not lead to your deception by Satan.

Key Verses

  • “Jacob said to his father, ‘I am Esau...” Genesis 27:19
  • “I have found the game quickly because the Lord your God brought it to me.” Genesis 27:20
  • “Are you really my son Esau?’ Jacob said, ‘I am.” Genesis 27:24
  • “Isaac blessed Jacob.” Genesis 27:27-29

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