Genesis 13:1-9

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Abraham and Lot Separate

Genesis 13:1-9

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Lesson Number 28

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God fully restores the backslider who returns.
  2. Sometimes the best solution to strife is separation.

Practical Application

  1. Why not go back to square one?


  1. What does Genesis 13:3-4 tell us about Abraham?
  2. Why did Abraham and Lot separate? How did Abraham handle the separation?
  3. What is a “backslider?” How did God restore Abraham after he had backslidden?
  4. Did Abraham make a wise decision in separating from Lot?
  5. Should separation always be the solution when there is strife?


  1. Abraham was not only back in the land physically, he was also restored spiritually.
  2. Both had many livestock, and this accumulated wealth led to problems (strife) between Abraham’s herdsmen and Lot’s herdsmen. Abraham magnanimously gave Lot the first choice of the land before them.
  3. A “backslider” is a believer who has a lapse of faith. God fully restored Abraham when he returned to Bethel, the house of God, where he was at the beginning. Abraham was back in fellowship with the Lord, worshiping again at the altar, and calling on God’s name.
  4. Yes, because the strife between their herdsmen was not a good testimony to the Canaanites, and their range war was escalating. God confirmed this separation as a good solution.
  5. Not always, especially in family situations (such as when a married couple considers divorce, denying Matthew 19:5-6). However, we should always separate when evil and moral corruption of this world are involved. See 2 Corinthians 6:16-17.


  1. When the believer backslides in lapse of faith, he loses time in Christian service and mars the effectiveness of his testimony. Further, he may lose out on all that God wanted to do with his life. Let God restore your soul and return to that blessed fellowship with Him. Read Psalm 23:3.
  2. There are times when separation may be an appropriate solution to strife. However, believers should try very hard to resolve situations of strife to the glory of God. Recall incidents in your life when it would have been a better choice to separate. Recall incidents when it would have been better to reconcile differences.


  1. Abraham went back to square one. He started over again when he returned from Egypt. The tent speaks of the pilgrim character of the believer, and the altar speaks of worship. Are you are in need of returning to the place of faith? Recapture the pilgrim character of the believer, and drop off the entanglements of the world. Go back to square one.

Key Verses

  • “Let there be no strife between us, for we are brethren.” Genesis 13:8

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