Genesis 12:1-9

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The Abrahamic Covenant: the Unconditional Promise of a Land and a People

Genesis 12:1-9

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Lesson Number 26

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The preservation of the people of Israel is part of God’s unconditional covenant with Abraham.
  2. The gift of the land of Israel is part of God’s unconditional covenant with Abraham.

Practical Application

  1. Let’s have a faith that obeys like Abraham.
  2. Let’s have a faith that witnesses like Abraham.


  1. What is Abraham called according to 2 Chronicles 20:7, Isaiah 41:8, and James 2:23?
  2. How are all the families of the earth blessed through Abraham?
  3. What is learned about Abraham’s religious background from Joshua 24?
  4. Did God call Abraham because he was good or because he was a godly person?
  5. Why were the names of Abram and Sarai changed?


  1. Abraham is called the friend of God. He is the only person in the Bible who is called a friend of God.
  2. Abraham was the father of the Jewish people, and it was through the Jewish people that the Savior of mankind came. The Lord Jesus Christ was in the line of Abraham.
  3. Abraham came out of a background of idolatry. See Joshua 24:14-15.
  4. No. God called Abraham according to His own sovereign and elective choice. This is the way that God calls us as well. He does not save us according to some intrinsic goodness or godliness in us, but according to His sovereign grace and mercy.
  5. The name changes had to do with God’s promise to Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, and that Sarah would be the mother of nations and kings. Their names are changed as seen in Genesis 17.


  1. Why are the Jewish people still in existence today? Relate this to the unconditional covenant that God made with Abraham.
  2. Do the Jewish people have a right to the land of Canaan (ancient Palestine and modern Israel)? If so, does this give them the right to use any means to regain the land?


  1. “Abraham departed as the Lord had spoken to him...” (Genesis 12:4). Suppose God were to call you to a new sphere of service for him to live a life of sacrifice. This could mean leaving the area where you are happily settled and content. Do you have a faith like Abraham’s that would obey?
  2. Abraham was told to be a blessing in the land of Canaan. Recall how he was a blessing in that land. Do you have a faith that witnesses like Abraham? Do you witness to your neighbors? to the people with whom you work or study? to friends? to strangers? Let God make you a blessing like Abraham as you witness for him.

Key Verses

  • “He built an altar to the Lord and called on His name.” Genesis 12:7-8

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