2 Timothy 4:19-22

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Paul’s Closing Greetings and His Farewell

2 Timothy 4:19-22

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Lesson Number 20

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God calls some husband and wife teams into the ministry.
  2. It is not always God’s will to heal sickness.

Practical Application

  1. Do you have a living legacy?


  1. What was the special ministry given to Priscilla and Aquila?
  2. What is unique about Eubulus, Pudens, Linus and Claudia?
  3. Why was Paul so urgent about Timothy’s coming to Rome?
  4. In these last few verses, what is the indication that this is more than a personal letter to Timothy?
  5. Why didn’t Paul heal Trophinus?
  6. Paul left a legacy. What was it?


  1. To be able to work as a husband and wife team. Their ministry involved hospitality to Paul and encouragement in his ministry. They held church meetings in their homes, wherever they lived. And they taught sound doctrine.
  2. This is the only mention of their names in Scripture. But their names are recorded in Scripture!
  3. Because Paul was eager to see him before his death, and because navigation on the Mediterranean Sea was limited during winter months.
  4. The use of the singular “your” and the plural “you” in verse 22. Although it was a personal letter to Timothy, Paul expected it to be read in the church at Ephesus.
  5. It is not always God’s will to heal sickness. Although Paul had been used by God to heal a number of people, it was not God’s will for Trophinus to be healed at this point. We know that God can heal sickness today, but He has reasons to withhold healing at times.
  6. Paul’s legacy was not money or property. He left a living legacy in Timothy and others who would carry on the work.


  1. What special gift(s) and ministry has the Lord given to you?
  2. Have you wondered about healing? Why does the Lord choose to heal some, but not others? Can you fully trust the Lord in His wisdom, knowing that He will not cause a needless tear?


  1. Are you leaving a living legacy? What is it?

Key Verses

  • “The Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Grace be with you. Amen.” 2 Timothy 4:22

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