2 Kings 7

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Samaria Delivered from the Syrian Army

2 Kings 7

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Lesson Number 15

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The good new of God’s gospel brings different reactions.

Practical Application

  1. Let’s not hoard the gospel.
  2. Let’s not compromise the gospel.


  1. Follow the reasoning of the four lepers at the entrance of the gate concerning their fate.
  2. What did the lepers find at the Syrian camp? Then what did they do?
  3. n a broader picture, what do the following represent? a) the story itself, b) Elisha, c) the lepers, d) the Syrian army, e) the Samarians, and f) the message of the lepers to the city.
  4. The lepers realized that they had a responsibility to share the good news. What does this mean to us today?
  5. What did King Jehoram think when he heard the good news?
  6. What happened to the royal official?


  1. Because of their condition, they would die at the gate. They couldn’t go inside the city, for there was death there, too. So they decided to go to the Syrians, where there might be food. Maybe they would kill them, but maybe they would spare them. They were going to die anyway.
  2. They found that the Syrian army had fled, and there were treasures and food everywhere for the taking. After eating their fill and hiding some of the treasure, they felt convicted and brought word to the Samarians.
  3. a. the gospel (God’s good news for sinners) b. in many ways Elisha is a type of Christ. He had predicted that the siege of Samaria would soon be over and the enemy would no longer control things. So our Lord predicted good news—that Satan and his forces, our enemy, would be subdued, and his power would be broken c. man in his sin (leprosy was a disease leading to death) d. Satan and his forces, the enemy e. captives of Satan, without food f. a picture of God’s superabounding grace. Captives would be set free and the blessings of God would be readily available to all who would believe the good news.
  4. We are not to hoard the good news of the gospel when people all around us are starving for spiritual food.
  5. He thought it was a trap to draw the people outside the city, then ambush them.
  6. He was trampled to death. See 2 Kings 7:1


  1. Have you found various reactions when you told people the good news of the gospel? When people reject the gospel, do you become silent and give up?
  2. Recall the time when you first heard the gospel. What was your response? (If at first you rejected it, did people give up on you?)


  1. Think about the superabundance of God’s grace in your life. Isn’t it worth sharing?

Key Verses

  • “If the Lord would make windows in heaven…” 2 Kings 7:2
  • “I will open for you the windows in heaven…” Malachi 3:10
  • “We are not doing right. This is a day of good news, and we remain silent..Let us go and tell…” 2 Kings 7:9

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