2 Kings 5:8-19

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A Picture of Salvation in the Cleansing of Naaman

2 Kings 5:8-19

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Lesson Number 10

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. A humble and obedient faith is required for salvation.
  2. A new heart and a new life are the results of salvation.

Practical Application

  1. Expect all kinds of reaction when you present the simple gospel to someone.


  1. What did the young Jewish girl tell Naaman that could cure his leprosy?
  2. What did Naaman do about this information?
  3. What did Elisha do when Naaman came to him? What was Naaman’s reaction?
  4. Did Naaman finally follow Elisha’s directions? What was the result?
  5. Why did Elisha refuse Naaman’s gift?
  6. What does leprosy represent in the Bible?
  7. What kind of a disease is leprosy?
  8. How is salvation represented in this story?
  9. What are the results of salvation?
  10. Does everyone respond positively to the gospel?


  1. Naaman was told that the God of Israel could heal him through the ministry of the prophet Elisha.
  2. He traveled to Israel, taking with him money and a letter from the King of Syria. He went first to the King of Israel, then to Elisha’s house.
  3. He sent a messenger out to tell him to go and wash in the River Jordan seven times. Naaman was furious, because at the very least he expected Elisha to call on God for a great miracle. He drove away in a rage.
  4. Yes, finally, after his servants asked him to reconsider. He submitted and was cleansed. His leprosy was gone.
  5. He didn’t want wrong ideas to ripple out (for example, that cures could be bought).
  6. It represents sin.
  7. A systemic disease, a disease of the system, not just a leg. So it is with sin—it permeates the whole being.
  8. In the cleansing of Naaman the leper. Leprosy is a picture of sin, and in its early stages it can be covered up. However, without intervention it would lead to death. The same is true with sin. Naaman obeyed the word of God through the prophet Elisha and was cured. Sinners must obey the word of God, realizing that salvation is through Christ alone.
  9. There is a change in a life—there is a new heart and a new life when someone becomes a Christian.
  10. Unfortunately, no. You can expect all kinds of reactions when you present the gospel to someone. Naaman was enraged, but later he repented and obeyed and was cured.


  1. Have you humbled yourself and obeyed the Word of God concerning Christ as the only way of salvation? If not, be sure, so you will be saved.
  2. Are you easily rebuffed when someone turns his back on you after you have presented him with the gospel? Do you continue to witness, realizing the eternal consequences?


  1. How careful are you with resources given to you as from the Lord?

Key Verses

  • ” shall be clean…and he was clean.” 2 Kings 5:10,14
  • “Indeed, now I know that there is not God in all the earth, except in Israel.” 2 Kings 5:15

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