2 Kings 14

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Kings Amaziah and Jeroboam

2 Kings 14

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Lesson Number 27

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. 1. Pride goes before a fall.
  2. 2. Prosperity does not infer God’s pleasure.

Practical Application

  1. Let’s remember to thank the Lord for our godly mothers.


  1. Was Amaziah of the southern kingdom of Judah a good king or a bad king?
  2. What famous landmark was conquered by Amaziah?
  3. How did Amaziah celebrate his victory over the Edomites at Sela?
  4. Describe the parable Jehoash of Israel sent in response to Amaziah’s challenge to war.
  5. What famous Old Testament prophet is mentioned in this chapter?


  1. He is considered a good king (see verse 3). Notice his respect for the Law (verses 5-6), but on the other hand he did allow sacrifices to take place outside of Jerusalem (verse 4). So Amaziah was not perfect by any means, but he was a good king.
  2. Amaziah conquered Sela, which he named Joktheel. Today this is called Petra, in modern Jordan. By doing this, Amaziah was lifted up with pride.
  3. 2 Chronicles 2 reports that Amaziah had 10,000 Edomites thrown over a cliff.
  4. He likened Amaziah and Judah to a scrawny little thistle bush challenging a large stately cedar tree, which represented Jehoash and the northern kingdom of Israel. The little thistle even had the audacity to try to arrange a political marriage between the two countries by having Jehoash give his daughter to Amaziah’s son in marriage. While the thistle bush was making all this proud talk, a wild beast came along and stepped on it and silenced it and trampled it to death.
  5. Jonah, of Jonah and the big fish fame. We learn some details here of Jonah’s life and we see that he was a real prophet of God. The story of Jonah and the big fish is not some Old Testament parable, but real history.


  1. 1. Read Proverbs 16:18. Discuss how this biblical truth is illustrated in the life of Amaziah. What does selfish pride look like in today’s society? God’s Word says that pride goes before a fall.
  2. 2. Without verse 24 in this chapter we might infer that Jeroboam was a good king and that the Lord was pleased with his reign. But prosperity does not infer God’s pleasure – then or today. Discuss the danger of this kind of thinking.


  1. The mothers’ names are typically listed in the records of the good kings of Judah. The influence of a godly mother greatly affected whether the king would become a good king. Do you or did you have a godly mother? Thank the Lord for her – and thank her!

Key Verses

  • “And he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, yet not like his father David; he did everything as his father Joash had done. However the high places were not taken away, and the people still sacrificed and burned incense on the high places.” 2 Kings 14:3-4
  • “You have indeed defeated Edom, and your heart has lifted you up. Glory in that, and stay at home; for why should you meddle with trouble so that you fall -- you and Judah with you?” 2 Kings 14:10

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