1 Samuel 16:6-23

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David is Selected as the Next King of Israel

1 Samuel 16:6-23

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Lesson Number 19

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. All human hearts are under the searching eye of God.
  2. All evil spirits are under the sovereign control of God.

Practical Application

  1. Listen to hymns in order to soothe your soul.


  1. Why did Samuel travel to Bethlehem?
  2. Why did the elders of the city tremble when they met Samuel?
  3. What did anointing with oil symbolize in the Old Testament?
  4. How did Saul first come to know David?
  5. Do Satan and his angels have complete freedom on this earth?


  1. The Lord sent him to secretly anoint one of the sons of Jesse as the next king of Israel.
  2. Samuel was a circuit riding judge. The elders of Bethlehem thought that Samuel had come to their city to pronounce and execute judgment concerning some matter.
  3. Kings and High priests were anointed to symbolize that this person was set apart for God’s holy service.
  4. David was called to be Saul’s harp player. He made such a good impression on the king, that he was made Saul’s armor bearer.
  5. No, they are under the sovereign control of God and are only permitted to do what God allows.


  1. As humans we tend to be impressed by outward credentials, such as good looks or talent. God is not impressed with such outward appearances; He looks at the heart. If you are a parent, how can you teach your children to prioritizes heart attitude over outward appearance?
  2. While God is not the source of evil, He can use the evil of mankind or fallen angels to accomplish His purpose. Discuss this principle. Refer to Ephesians 1:11.


  1. Saul’s soul was refreshed when David played his harp. Is your soul distressed by the pressures of life? Try listening to music that contains Scripture to calm your troubled soul.

Key Verses

  • “For man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7
  • “And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.” 1 Samuel 16:23

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