1 Kings 8:44-66

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Solomon Continues the Dedication of the Temple

1 Kings 8:44-66

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Lesson Number 11

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God disciplines His people.
  2. God keeps His promises.

Practical Application

  1. Pray in any position.


  1. Where was the ark of the covenant brought to rest?
  2. There were so many sacrifices at the dedication of the temple that a place had to be set aside for them. Where was this place?
  3. There were thousands upon thousands of sacrifices. Was this a waste?
  4. What does the account of Mark 14:3-9 teach us about worship?
  5. 22,000 bulls and 120,000 sheep were sacrificed during the temple dedication. How many sins did all of these sacrifices take away?
  6. What was the purpose of the Old Testament sacrifices?


  1. The ark was brought up to Jerusalem and in the Holy of Holies in the temple.
  2. King Solomon consecrated part of the temple courtyard for sacrificing at this time.
  3. No, because the great majority of these sacrifices were peace offerings. According to the law in the case of peace offerings, the meat of the slain animals was given to the priests and to the people who brought the offerings. Only the fat portions were burned on the altar.
  4. Although criticized for this “waste,” Mary’s heart showed true worship. Worship is never a waste if it is from a heart that is right before the Lord.
  5. None. Not a single sin was removed. See Hebrews 10:11-12.
  6. To show the seriousness of sin and that the penalty of sin was death, but they all looked forward to that great sacrifice to come – the Lamb of God.


  1. After Solomon’s request for God’s help in battle, he prayed then for God’s discipline when the people sinned, and for God’s forgiveness when they repented. This prayer was answered when the Jews returned from their captivity in Babylon and it will be fully answered when the Jews return to the land and to the Lord in the future. Read Romans 11. God not only had to discipline His Old Testament people, but He has to discipline us as well. Why? Because He loves us. Don’t be discouraged when the Lord has to discipline you. See Hebrews 12:5-6, and be thankful for His discipline.
  2. “Blessed be the Lord, who has given rest to His people Israel, according to all that He promised. There has not failed one word of all His good promise…” (1 Kings 8:56). God had kept all His promises to His people Israel and there was great joy in the land. God’s promises are as true today and He will keep His promises to His people. Do you believe this? Do you, for example, believe that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for you in heaven? See John 14:3. Believe Him and rest on all the promises of God.


  1. What position do you take when you pray? There are biblical examples of men and women sitting, kneeling, or standing, with hands up or clasped, and heads lifted up to heaven or bowed down toward earth. In this portion of scripture, we see Solomon kneeling before the altar and then standing. He lifted his hands toward heaven. Position is not important, but the attitude of the heart is what is important. Keep the communication lines open between you and the Lord. A good challenge as you are reading the Bible, would be to make note of the prayers of the people. As you read, note not only their position but the content and intent of their prayers. Study the context as well and look for the answers. This could be a long but profitable study.

Key Verses

  • “When Your people go out to battle…wherever You send them, and when they pray…then hear from heaven…and maintain their cause.” 1 Kings 8:44-45
  • “When they sin against You…yet when they repent…and return to You with all their heart…then hear in heaven…and maintain their cause…and forgive them.” 1 Kings 8:46-50
  • “They are Your people and Your inheritance…listen to them whenever they call to You.” 1 Kings 8:51-52

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