1 Kings 6

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The Construction of the Temple in Jerusalem

1 Kings 6

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Lesson Number 8

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. The temple was the focus of God’s relationship with Israel.
  2. The temple was a figure of God’s fellowship with the church.

Practical Application

  1. Finish the work that God gives you to do.


  1. Why is 1 Kings 6:1 an important verse in the Bible in reference to the date of the exodus?
  2. How long did it take to build the temple in Jerusalem?
  3. Is it proper to refer to the temple as Solomon’s temple?
  4. How long is a cubit?
  5. What is a theocracy?
  6. In the theocracy of Israel at this time, who was God’s representative? What was the representative’s responsibility?
  7. Refer to 1 Kings 6:23-38. Were the angelic cherubim mentioned here the same as the two cherubim of the ark of the covenant?
  8. What does gold speak of in the Bible?
  9. What was the purpose of the temple?


  1. A simple calculation from the chronological data in this verse would give a date of the exodus about 1446 B.C.
  2. Seven years.
  3. Solomon is well known for the building of this temple, but it is more proper to refer to it as the Lord’s temple.
  4. 18” or 1 _ feet length.
  5. A theocracy is a God-governed nation.
  6. King Solomon. The king was to carry out God’s will.
  7. No. The ones mentioned in these verses were two large olive wood figures covered with gold that dominated the Holy of Holies where the ark of the covenant was placed.
  8. Gold in the Bible speaks of God’s divine righteousness and glory.
  9. The purpose of the temple was so that God could dwell in the midst of His people and have fellowship with them.


  1. Not only was the temple a beautiful building, it was the focus of God’s relationship with Israel. The temple was the center and focus of the government of Israel and the temple was also the center of worship in Israel. This was where the people brought their sacrifices and where the singers and musicians praised the Lord with song and music. The temple was where the blood of the atoning sacrifice was brought into the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement, and placed on the Mercy Seat of the ark of the covenant. Thus the sins of the nations were covered and the relationship between God and Israel was maintained. The purpose of the temple was so that God could dwell in the midst of His people and have fellowship with them. The Spirit of God indwells His spiritual temple today. In His living church there is fellowship between God and His people. Do you sense the importance of being a part of His spiritual temple?
  2. The temple of Solomon’s day prefigured the spiritual temple that God is building today. See 1 Corinthians 3:16. The Spirit of God dwells in the church. Many aspects of the church are pictured here in the description and the construction of the temple. Believers are living stones, shaped by God for their special function, and added to the spiritual house that God is building. See 1 Peter 2:5. You are a living stone!


  1. Solomon finished the work that the Lord gave him to do. Are you finishing the work that God has given you to do? This can be applied to your life’s work (Colossians 4:17) and to our day by day Christian service. Are you committed to God’s work? Finish the work that God gives you to do.

Key Verses

  • “Solomon began to build the house of the Lord…he built the temple and finished it.” 1 Kings 6:1, 14
  • “When the temple was being built, it was built with stone finished at the quarry, so that no hammer or chisel or any iron tool was heard in the temple while it was being built.” 1 Kings 6:7
  • “The Lord said, ‘I will dwell among the children of Israel, and will not forsake My people.” 1 Kings 6:13
  • “…the house of the Lord was finished in all its details and according to all its plans. Solomon was seven years in building it.” 1 Kings 6:38

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