1 Kings 18:1-6

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Elijah Confronts King Ahab; Obadiah the Secret Believer

1 Kings 18:1-6

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Lesson Number 31

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God is looking for fully committed believers.

Practical Application

  1. Are you a partially committed believer like Obadiah?


  1. Why was there no rain in Israel for a period of three years?
  2. Where was Elijah between his two confrontations with Ahab?
  3. For what were Ahab and Obadiah searching?
  4. Discuss the levels of commitment in the three characters in this lesson – Ahab, Elijah and Obadiah.
  5. What did Obadiah do that showed his fear of the Lord?


  1. The Lord God had dried up the land because of the disobedience and rebellion of His people Israel, as He had warned them.
  2. He lived for a short time by the Brook Cherith, and for a longer time in Zarephath.
  3. King Ahab and his servant, Obadiah, were searching for grass for the horses. (1 Kings 18:5-6)
  4. Ahab had no commitment to the Lord. He knew about the Lord, but he was weak-willed, self-centered, and self-indulgent. He even promoted idolatry in the land, and allowed Queen Jezebel to massacre prophets of the Lord. In Elijah there was full commitment and obedience to the Lord, even if it would have cost him his life. He courageously and boldly confronted Ahab about his sin. Obadiah showed partial commitment, but he was a secret believer, and stayed in the service of the wicked king.
  5. “Obadiah feared the Lord greatly” 1 Kings 18:3. Obadiah took one hundred prophets of the Lord and hid them in a cave and fed them so they wouldn’t be massacred by Jezebel.


  1. “Obadiah feared the Lord greatly.” What does it mean to fear the Lord? How do you show your fear of the Lord?
  2. Are you more concerned about “grass” or God? Give some illustrations from your life. List your primary values.


  1. Review the levels of commitment studied here. How would you describe your level of commitment to the Lord?

Key Verses

  • “Go into the land to all the springs of water and to all the brooks; perhaps we may find grass to keep the animals alive.” 1 Kings 18:5
  • “Obadiah feared the Lord greatly.” 1 Kings 18:3

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