1 Kings 11:14-43

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Consequences of Solomon’s Sin

1 Kings 11:14-43

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Lesson Number 15

Background Notes

Doctrinal Point(s)

  1. God may raise up adversaries against the backslidden believer.
  2. God may take away territory from the backslidden believer.

Practical Application

  1. What is our reaction to God’s discipline?


  1. Name the three adversaries against King Solomon.
  2. Who raised up these adversaries against King Solomon?
  3. Why were these adversaries raised up against King Solomon?
  4. Was God the source of evil of these adversaries?
  5. What was Solomon’s sin?
  6. Who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes?
  7. Refer to Ecclesiastes 12:13-14. What was Solomon’s conclusion concerning man’s attitude toward God?


  1. Hadad, Rezon and Jeroboam.
  2. God raised them up.
  3. For the purpose of disciplining Solomon for his disobedience to the word of God.
  4. No, but God used the evil to discipline the backslidden king.
  5. Solomon not only allowed idolatry to enter Israel, but he himself actually followed after foreign gods.
  6. Solomon.
  7. Solomon concluded, “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all.”


  1. God raised up adversaries to King Solomon; He used the evil to discipline the backslidden king. The same is true today. God may raise up adversaries against the backslidden believer. True believers who backslide can expect to find adversaries that trouble them. God can use adversaries in your life to keep you close to Himself.
  2. Review 1 Kings 11:29-39 to see the dramatic way in which the Lord spoke to Jeroboam through the prophet Ahijah. As God took away territory from King Solomon because of his backslidden state, so may He take away spiritual territory from the backslidden believer today. Spiritual territory of the believer includes areas of service and responsibility and reward in the kingdom of God. Review the story of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. You, too, can ask the Lord for more spiritual responsibility and more territories of service to the Lord, and the Lord will answer your prayer. What is your desire – to have territory taken away because of a backslidden condition or to gain more territory for the Lord?


  1. Consider Solomon’s reaction to God’s discipline. Solomon tried to kill Jeroboam. Solomon did not repent and he did not humble himself or submit to God’s authority. Instead, he tried to overturn God’s will. As for today, God disciplines believers because of sin in their lives. Is God disciplining you right now? Do you become angry and upset and try to escape, blaming others for your situation? Or do you repent and submit in humility and learn the lessons that God has designed personally for you? What is your response to God’s discipline?

Key Verses

  • “Now the Lord raised up adversaries against Solomon, Hadad…Rezon…and Jeroboam.” 1 Kings 11:14, 23, 26
  • “The prophet Ahijah tore his new garment into twelve pieces. and he said to Jeroboam, ‘Take for yourself ten pieces, for thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: ‘Behold I will tear the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon, and will give ten tribes to you.” 1 Kings 11:29-31
  • “To Solomon’s son, I will give one tribe, that My servant David may always have a lamp before Me in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen for Myself, to put My name there.” 1 Kings 11:36

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