Why should we believe in a young earth?

  In regards to Young Earth apologetics and geology… I’d like your opinion on how a Young-Earth-Creationist would answer the critique of a YEC (Snelling) explanation about how large chalk beds were formed.

Here’s the link:   It’s a fairly short article with simple enough terms and well-reasoned explanations. Where might they have gone wrong?


Answer:  Both “old earthers” and “young earthers”  have some good arguments.  Briefly, here’s why we (Dr Dave and Growing Christians Ministries) take the young earth position:

1.  We start with an inspired, inerrant Bible, the Word of God.

2.  A normal reading of Scripture, which was given to all mankind (not just scientists in the 21st century), results in a young earth creationist (YEC) view.

3.  In addition, not just a YEC interpretation, but that God created this universe FULLY FUNCTIONAL in a literal creation week.

4.  So just as the trees in the Garden of Eden had rings and were rooted in “already made” top soil, so God created a fully functional universe (“events” that can be observed in starlight and all).  Some people say that God would be deceiving us if He created a fully functional creation.  Yes, He would have been deceptive –  if He had not told us in His Word!  But He did tell us–in plain Hebrew.  There are lots of ways to clearly convey geologic ages in Hebrew if that’s what God wanted us to believe  – and if that’s what God wanted Moses to believe and the people who listened to Moses to believe in Exodus 20:11.

5.  If you give up the position of YEC, you logically have to go the way of the BioLogos Foundation.  The geologic column becomes the evidence for the old earth.  Thus it is no longer evidence for the global Flood of Genesis,and you logically must go with a local flood.  Furthermore, the fossils in the geologic column now must become evidence for death before Adam – and now you have some  extremely serious theological problems.  Thus, as the BioLogos folks have done, you begin to question the historicity of the Genesis account–even the existence of a real Adam and Eve.  It’s a domino effect.

6.   Whether or not chalk beds were part of the fully functional creation or the result of the unique global Flood conditions is hard to say.  However, there is no doubt that the fossilized whale that was found in diatomaceous earth deposits in Lompoc, California in 1976 (which Snelling also wrote about) required a rapid buildup of the precipitating diatoms in order to be fossilized — and that is certainly not an old earth scenario!

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