Why isn’t slavery mentioned in the 10 Commandments?

 My question stems from my reading of Exodus, the Ten Commandments, and all that follows that show us Gods morale standards.  While it is very clear that God tells us “thou shall not murder.” It is not clear to me that thou shall not enslave another human being.  Men seem to be able to get their freedom after 7 years. However, if a father sells his daughter into slavery, it is for life. As if a woman’s life has less value than that of a man.  So my question is that while God finds murder morally wrong, why doesn’t God state that he finds slavery morally wrong with an eleventh commandment?


Answer:  Certain wrong practices in the Bible were punishable by death, such as adultery, homosexuality and witchcraft.  Other wrong practices such as polygamy, divorce and slavery were never condoned, but allowed and regulated under the Law.  Also keep in mind that slavery in the Bible was not like the slavery in our country which led to the Civil War.  The abuses were much more regulated, so that it was more like indentured servants, and in many cases, conditions were better than many employer / employee conditions in the workplace today.

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