When did God stop leading with the cloud and pillar of fire?

 I was reading your devotional, “Cloud Control,” and I have one question.  Does the Bible tell us when God stopped leading the Israelites with the Cloud and Pillar of fire?


Answer:  The Bible does not tell us specifically when the pillar of cloud and fire stopped leading the children of Israel, but two Scriptures come to mind which may bear on this question.

1.  In Numbers 33 tells us about all the places where the Lord led His people, step by step, obviously by the cloud and fire – but it ends on the Plains of Moab (Numbers 33:49).

2.  In Joshua 5:11 we learn that the manna stopped after they crossed the Jordan River and were in the Promised Land.  Maybe the miraculous guidance by cloud and fire stopped as well once they had arrived.

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