Should churches still use “letters of commendation”?

 My question is in regards to the Lord’s Supper.  What does the Bible say about a believer who is a visiting an assembly and desires to take the Lord’s Supper, but doesn’t have a letter commendation, or who normally fellowships with another church that doesn’t  give letters?


Answer:  The bottom line on this subject is that the “unknown” visitor who wants to participate in the Lord’s Supper should be a true believer in “good standing” at his or her home fellowship.   There is always the possibility that an unknown visitor is involved in moral sin and is avoiding discipline in his home church, or that the unknown visitor may be promoting false teaching, etc.  In the early church letters were used.  Today, letters can still be used, but a phone call to known fellow believers in the other church could also be used—especially if there seems to be some unanswered questions.  Remember, these “regulations” concern “unknown” visitors.  This is not about “well known” fellow believers who happen to be visiting from another good church.

In any case, the local elders or church leaders should determine the policy for their home church as they interpret the appropriate Scriptures.

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