Is the King James Version the “perfect” translation?

There is a certain group within Christendom which believes the KJV is not only the most accurate and faithful of all translations, but it is perfect also, in the sense that it’s without any scribal or translation errors.  They say that since God has promised to preserve His Word, He would be able to give us a ‘perfect bible’ today.  So they believe, by faith, that the manuscripts (MT & TR) underlying the translation of the KJV are the exact replicas of the autographs.  This also implies all other versions which are not translated from the MT & TR are corrupt, and they include the NKJV as well, though the NKJV is not translated from the Critical Texts.  This erroneous teaching has caused divisions and schisms in some churches.  I’ve read through the versions issue and believe this extreme KJV-only group’s teaching is unbiblical.

My questions are:
1) If my church endorses this erroneous teaching (though other teachings concerning the fundamentals of the faith are biblical), are there grounds for me to leave the church?  The church leaders (especially the two teaching elders) are dogmatic about this teaching, and some have tried in vain to persuade them of the error of this teaching.
2) Should the ‘perfect bible’ teaching be considered a heresy?


1. Those well meaning folks who believe that the KJV is the “perfect” translation of the Bible are not heretics, but they tend to be extremely sectarian.
2. Be very careful about leaving the church on these grounds only.  However, there may be additional factors that persuade you to change churches, such as other legalistic positions or requirements, or where best to raise your family, or fellowship matters, or even where you may more effectively serve the Lord.

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