Did Kings Solomon and Hezekiah have any other children?

Question:  We have been doing a study of 2 Chronicles and the kings of Judah, and I have a couple questions.

 1) Did Solomon have any other sons than Rehoboam?  It seems remarkable that with 700 wives and 300 concubines that he had no other children recorded.

 2) Did Hezekiah have any other children prior to his extension of life?   We know that his wicked son Manasseh was born during that 15 year extension, but would he have died childless had his life not been extended?  Would this have affected the Messianic line?


Answer:  Solomon must have had other sons, but only Rehoboam is mentioned.  Two daughters are mentioned in 1 Kings 4:11 and 15.  If Hezekiah had remained childless, the Messianic line would have reverted back to another son of Ahaz.


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