Courses for Growing Christians

Courses for Growing Christians are Dr Reid’s college-level lectures, complete with audio and study guides. ┬áPlease click on the titles below to view the available lessons. ┬áThe Courses are also available on CD or mp3 in our Online Store, and are shipped with a study guide.


Hermeneutics is the science and art of biblical interpretation. This course presents thirty biblically-based principles for interpreting Scripture. These principles emphasize the historical-grammatical-contextual approach for determining the meaning of a biblical text. Examples from Scripture are used to illustrate each principle.

Christian Evidences 1

Christian Evidences is a systematic presentation of objective evidences to support the claims of Christianity. In this course, evidence is presented to answer two fundamental questions: “Does God exist?” and “Is the Bible reliable?” The lectures include practical applications and answers for today’s critics.

Christian Evidences 2

Christians Evidences 2 presents evidence for the deity of Jesus Christ, miracles, Creation, and the Flood. Scientific evidence is presented for a young universe and young earth, as well as recent life. The lectures include illustrations designed for use in defending the Christian faith.

Christian Decision Making

The 20 sessions of this seminar present 26 biblical guidelines for making good decisions in life. The importance of understanding the distinction between God’s sovereign will and God’s moral will is presented, and the means that God uses to direct our path is explained.